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Started Serious Strength Training

I have been doing strength training from last 5 months. Wants to know what body fat% I have??
Where I stand now being a ordinary gym guy not a professional??
What should be my future training strategy??
I am 170 cms long. Weighing around 145lbs.
What will be ideal weight and body fat % for my height with good muscle definition ??
sorry for my bad english. <img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/tnation/uploads/default/original/3X/f/3/f3467cf7940a8abc6b87b586e69658b53325e8d2.jpg" width=“406” height=

  1. Nobody can tell you what body fat percentage you have, even if your picture showed more than just your arms.
  2. You stand wherever the hell you think you stand.
  3. Your future training strategy depends entirely upon what your goals are.
  4. Nobody can tell you your “ideal”. It’s yours.

Assuming you didn’t do manual labor for years before strength training I’d say you’ve made very good progress.

Edit: I’m not meaning to sound harsh here. It just is what it is. If you have an idea of your goals then share them and people much more qualified than I can help you. If you’re happy with your progress, and I hope you are considering you have big fucking arms for a guy who’s only trained for five months, then keep going and enjoy the process.


I was doing exercises but I took 2 years break and started again since last 5 months. I just wanted to know proportionate weight for my height and wanted to gain muscles without fat. What should be my calorie intake and ratio of carbs fat and protein.
I may seem idiot but do not have any solid strategy to start with.

you should read a lot.

Nobody can tell you what you should be eating without knowing what you eat now. I know people who have to eat extraordinarily clean, healthy foods to have any chance at being lean. I know people who do well with cutting carbs very low. I know people who do well on low fat diets. I, personally, can eat junk food all day and get lean. I can’t advise you in ANY of these directions without knowing more about your current diet.