Started Rippetoe Today

Before the flames begin:

I used the search button and read the relevant stuff on T-Nation and, but most of the things that come up are other peoples rippetoe logs. If they are ‘starting strength’ like me, then reading their stuff may be the blind leading the blind. I didn’t post this in the beginners section because I wanted some experienced opinions.

I started it today and liked it, pretty simple but seemed effective. A couple questions, though, without making it too complicated:

Does it matter how long I rest in between sets/exercises?
Should I record or be real concerned with warm up sets?
Do most people agree on the 5% increase each week in weight?
I understand you should eat a butt-load of food to gain while on this program, do you eat the same on off days as training days?
Am I going to get flamed for not just buying the gaddang book? :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody, I’m sure I’ll get SOMETHING good from ya

This is the whole program

Rest as long as you need to but don’t let your muscles cool off too much.

You can record or leave out warm up sets as you see fit.

5% increase sounds good just remember you’ll eventually stall.

Buying the book is still a good idea.

I personally tried to increase 5 lbs a workout. It wasn’t always possible, especially on the military press, but still a goal. Rest as long as you need. I only did 1 minute because of time constraints.

FYI - just because the section is for Beginners, does not mean that only beginners post there.