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Started Renegade Training

After thinking it over for a few weeks, and talking with Coach Davies, I started Renegade Training yesterday. Specifically, I am doing his goaltender program for ice hockey.

There are two things I really like about Renegade Training. First, the looks I get in my worthless gym when I am rigging up a machine to allow me to do glute-ham's, not to mention doing Olympic style lifts while all the other people are doing their machine aided bicep curls.

Second, and much more importantly, is the feeling of satisfaction I got after completing it. When I was done I knew I had just completed something not a lot of people could have done. Although there are people in the gym who are much bigger then me, and can probably bench WAY more than me, I know that most of them could not have completed the grueling session I went through yesterday. I look forward to the workouts ahead, and realize it’s only going to get tougher and tougher. But I know if I do it, and do it right, I will look back at the next 8 weeks and say that I did something I never thought possible, and that will be worth it all.

Alright, enough typing, time for day 2 .

Ditto. Renegade training is brutal and very rewarding. I just took 2 days off b/c of the fact that I was dead tired ( 1 day was planned) and now I feel lazy. Time to work.

I don’t understand, are you going to be doing this during the season?

My thoughts exactly. I always get funny looks in the gym when I’m doing burpees, jump roping, rocking calf raises, etc. I love knowing that these workouts take all I’ve got. I too just took off 2 days to recover. On week 3 of Coach Davies Functional Strength program, level 1.

Welcome to the brotherhood! Feel free to post any questions you might have and I will try to help when I can! I am not using your particular program, but have been following a Rengade style workout plan since Coach first appeared on here.
In faith,

No, I am not doing this during the season. My goal is to play college hockey in 2 years.

After wussing about it for a year I have started renegade training, got all the free stuff off the forum and intensity, enough thru to about end of November. Did 3 weeks of Fat to Fire as an entree and started on the main course this week, have finished day 4 this am. Man burpees suck!!! I read in a thread or somewhere about de-training weeks, any ideas? I thought of having 1 week every 7 where I do rope work,non weighted GPP and stretch every day and on M,W,F do some of the “Exercises you’ve never tried” as a strength section. Comments appreciated.

I plan on taking a week off after my current 6 week renegade training plan and plan to do rope work, non-weighted GPP during this detraining week. I would appreciate comments on this approach as well.


This post is inspirational.I’m starting renegade training tomorrow. Remember, pain is fear leaving the body.

PAIN is breakfast. What up Fellas?

Well, I am 3 days into my training and it’s great. The GPP work is destroying me, but I am pushing myself to complete it. I can’t wait to get on the ice and humiliate the other forwards who spent their offseason eating Cheetos and playing PS2.

Are you guys splitting the workouts up or doing it from whoa to go? I finished week 1 and the Mon Thurs ones were lonnnnggggg. Dark Renegade that doesn’t mean I’m a softcock just trying to get some feedback, your site will need to be great cause you sure talk the shit on here :wink:

Start to finish man. I can usually get through it in 2 hours, then I spend 15-20 minutes stretching. I spend very little time between lifts, 45 sec. max. Plus, I do the exercises explosively, not fast and herky jerky, good form and explode.

Of course, your routine may be different then the one prescribed to me by Coach, but I still wouldn’t think it should take you longer than 2 hours.

Time is the candle by which we all burn. When time permits I’ll go straight through. A lot of the time I will do one part of it by myself in the morning and meet a partner later for the second half. If I could do whatever I wanted I would do section 1 then slam a surge or something, loosen up while walking to get a double espresso, then get it on with section 2. Every now and then we get a window that allows us to do that and make a day of it at the beach or park.

Renegade training is AWESOME, and the results can truely be seen on the field and in performnce testing. The GPP starts off terrible, but once you get in shape you start getting the second wind and all of a sudden its not so bad, so you push even harder. Renegade for life!

Great to see a Renegade thread going. Embrace the pain … you’re opponents won’t. Remember to work twice as hard as the guy who’s working twice as hard as everyone else!

i have confusuion about renegade training.
I have the book, but for instance, how many days of lifting? GPP? Plyos? Med ball work?
what days do u do what together? and how many reps and sets? per cycle?

Thanks for the replies guys, I have been doing it straight thru strarting 6am, and will juggle to suit each days schedule. Ryan, I have put together a 17 or so week program taken from the Coach’s forum posts last year and elsehere, if you want to to, drop me a line at hotmail and I will send it to you (it’s in Word). I view that as my Renegade apprenticeship, I will do it, and then prob buy the programs. The killer for me is our exchange rate where NZ$1 = about US$0.47.