Started OVT.... OUCH!!!!!

I dunno if I’m just a big pussy or what but I got my ass kicked today by a few sheets of paper that said ‘OVT’ at the top. I can’t remember the last time I was so happy (and satisfied) to finish a workout. When I was finished, I coulda swore I heard that stack of paper from hell saying, “come on back when you’re ready for some more, cupcake”… then my body replying, “is that all you got!!!” while I raced to the locker room to rest and get some grub into me.

Anyways, point being, it’s a kick ass program that kicked my ass and left me wanting more. Also, very happy I found this since I have been feeling a little slack in the back workouts lately. Not today!

I’m assuming you did this OVT with the imaginary 35 kg dumbbells at your gym?

I’ve also been meaning to try OVT. GVT2000 kicked my ass hard and good, so that means that OVT could only be better.

I loved the program as well. I did a few minor adjustments that made it even harder. For example I replaced front squats with regular back squats allowing me to toss on more weight. One thing I noticed with this program was I was able to put on mass while dropping fat. It was also a great way to gain strength while dieiting. It’s not often that my strength goes up during a diet heh.

I thought it was a good program for leaning down myself. I didn’t intend to lean down, but thats what happened.

Stick with the program … it works if you want to gain some size.

Check out my pics in the Photo forum to see what happened to me.

Today is the beginning of week 3 of OVT for me. Remember to up the weight as much as possible and if you include massive eating I’d expect some decent mass gains. I’ve gained about 4 lbs lean mass in 3 weeks so far. The others are right though, if you don’t eat a lot you will lean out as I’m gaining mass slowly but surely while eating like a king.

I’m actually using this program to lean up while keeping as much strength as possible. Today was day 2 - Legs. What a killer workout. People were looking at me like I was a madman when doing the supersets.