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Started my power pack

Mon. was my first day on the pack. After taking Tribex and M that morning, I started feel it running through my body. It gave me a little buzz. For some reason that day before workouts all of my partners stood me up. So I had some PowerDrive and went in alone. The squats were heavy that day it is 6-8 reps range week for me, but I handled the weight easily. Considering I had no partners PowerDrive gave me the motivation I needed. The funny thing is yesterday my boys came over, and they threating to gang me because they missed me on my birthday. As four them were standing in front of me I felt the testosterone just flow through my body. I felt so sorry for my boys because I was going to get down. I got one of my boys in a head lock and almost popped his head off. The stack just got me hype I felt like the incredible hulk.

Uhhh, ok beavis…good thing you didn’t double up on the tribex or someone could have gotten hurt.