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Started my First Cycle, Need Guidance

So i just started my first cycle, i have a written regiment that im strictly adhering to but would like approval or advice from more experienced users. I am 21 years old, i have been lifting consistently for almost 4 years, ive decided to satisfy my curiosity on anabolics.

I took 250mg of sust last sunday, basically crippled my right quad. I failed to massage after injection, lesson learned… i just did my 2nd shot of 250mg sust today. I will no longer be doing sust after this as a friend of mine told me that 2 pins of sust would raise levels a bit quicker and that from there i should do 12 weeks of test e, pinning 250mg every monday and thursday.

Cycle guidelines.
500mg test e 250mg x2 a week

Nolvadex 20mgs/day 4 weeks
Vitamin e 1000ius/day 4 weeks

As i said before im a noobie to this. I have done quite exstensive research to assure safety and have learned the basics such as aspirating, massage after injection, alcohol swap vial and injection site, etc.

I guess my biggest question is does my cycle plan look/seem safe for a first time user? Should i be taking anything else besides test e like nolva or estro blockers WHILE on cycle? And also is the sust (boost) before i start the actual cycle doing anything for me or is that bs (it feels like the latter) and lastly… will the post injection pain go away after a few shots? I alternated to my left quad today as my right quad is still sore from last sunday but whats weird is sundays injection provided no pain, but monday through wednesday, psh… forget even walking. Todays pin went a bit different… i pinned, alco swabbed area a 2nd time, then massaged my quad to “work” the oil in. However my left leg started getting sore about 3 hours later when my right leg did not until the next day.

I am worried about the more immediate soreness because my first pin was a trainwreck, i was nervous, shaky, and looked at that damn syringe sitting on my bathroom counter for almost an hour before i got the sack to do it. Todays pin was much smoother so im a little confused as to the soreness kicking in faster.

I really appreciate any constructive feedback and advice. I dont plan on any crazy cycles in the future, im just a young guy with an already decent natural foundation from my last few years of lifting lookinh to explore the results of uaing gear. Much thanks in advance to any and all who took the time to read this and help out a new comer to this side of lifting.

First mistake, what the hell are you doing anabolics at this age? do you know the consequences?

your friends mostly wrong, theres only 30mg/ml of propionate there, if you have all the bottles or amps, just continue.

Jesus Christ yes you should have an Aromatase inhibiter, Arimidex, Exemestene, Letrozole. You mayyy not damage yourself without, but why take the risk??

Why dint you do this before starting?
Make sure your injecting deep enough or you will get lumps if the oil is between teh fat and muscle. Use proper procedures.

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I have been using bd 25g 3cc syringes with 1 1/2 needle, i dont bury it but it goes in about 3/4 before i start pushing. I do a slow steady push each time. I have checked up on the risks, liver toxicity, lipid levels, cholestoral, blood pressure, infertility, etc, i have 3 kids at this point so not too worried about fertility. As far as an aromatase inhibiter ive read that AI is much harsher on ghe body than SERMS like nolva, would having nolva on hand be okay or do you think AI is a better bet? And i know i should have dome this before ever pinning but whats done is done and i figured i should at least ask for advice before going any further in my cycle.

your 21 and you have 3 kids? and you say

[quote=“zjr624, post:3, topic:241336”]
whats done is done and i figured i should at least ask for advice before going any further
[/quote] lol

Take an AI god dammit arimidex isnt harsh your going to take like 0.25/0.5mg every other day.
well looks like you know your shit.

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Yes sir, first when i was 17, 2nd at 20, now one on the way. Alright i will talk to my guy about arimidex, i really appreciate your advice and that youve taken the time of day to consult with me, everything else aside… does 250mg test e x2 a week sound okay for a first timer?

500mgs/w of test e is the gold standard first cycle, yes. I’m not going to lecture you about your age or ask why you didn’t give any stats. Pereque is asking good questions and he (and all of us here) are looking out for the best interest of the guys who come here seeking advice. So I will say this: you’re a father, which means your life doesn’t just belong to you anymore. Your kids won’t care if daddy’s in great shape, but they will care if he’s sick and unable to function properly because he wrecked his endocrine system by being careless.

That is very true @iron_yuppie. I do appreciate the insight. I did not give stats as im new to all this but im 6’1 a pretty solid 170, with the exception of a little belly fat on the lower abs. As said before lifting and dieting very consistently for almost 4 years. Anything else you guys wanna know feel free to ask. Again your time invested, no matter how small. To help some 21 y/o punk kid is pretty impressive. Im greatful and appreciate you guys looking out.

Also i want to add that youve given me new perspective as ive always wanted my daughter especially to see her dad is strong and able to protect and provide. I want to be a rolemodel for my kids to strive to be healthy and eat correctly. Obviously im not going to promote the use of gear. But your right. Theyre just kids, theyre going to care much more about my long term health than my physical appearance. I started the gear endeavor as a means to satisfy my curiosity. After all the feedback i beleive im going to go ahead and do my 12 wks test e and do the best pct possible to hold on to whatever gains i can and call her good. At this age you are absolutely right, theres no reason to be thinking about gear lomg term if at all. I have however already started my cycle and have money invested so ill give her a try. At the end of my cycle i will post before and after pics

And look, we don’t know you at all, but you got a gal pregnant at age 17 and you’re still there raising that kid, plus another, plus one on the way. So I get the sense that you don’t run from responsibility, and that’s admirable for a young guy. Run your cycle, eat clean, be meticulous about your pct, and you should be fine. You do need to have an AI. You know how there’s that bullshit media portrayal of roid rage? Well, if your e2 is out of whack and your testosterone is high you could actually get some serious mood issues. With a pregnant woman and two small kids in the house that’s the last thing you need. So take your e2 control seriously and you’ll be much better off.

Disclaimer: some guys don’t need an AI, even at 500mgs of test. It’s individual in nature but you should absolutely have one and use it at a low dosage until you see if you need more or less. The risk in not having it is much higher than the risk of crashing e2.

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Well without getting too centimental here, the way i grew up made me realize there was no way in hell any kid of mine would grow up without theyre dad in their life. Nuff said. I am so greatful for all the feedback, more than any of you know. I will take e2 control serious from now on as i did not beleive it. I hope you all have a blessed day and that you and yours are doing well. Thanks again :+1::fist: