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Started My Cutting Process 4-3-06


(Heres my diet)

I deleted the pyruvate out of my diet! (Thanks to James Cain)

Day 1: Starving!!!! lol
im down a little under 2,100 for my first 3 low cal days.

By the way, people that havent been keeping up with my post, ive been bulking for the last 6 months, and time to cut for summer.

Im 6'5"
Weighed today in at 259.5
right about 18% bf
looking to get to 10-12% no more than 12%!!

Wish me luck guys, i will post every couple days to keep ya'll updated.
I will be continuing the BSN total stack as i progress with the next 3 months!!


Well workout went great! Very sore. I decided to sit in the sauna after all my cardio. I pulled a fullbody resistance training day today! So we will see how i feel. I think my stomach is starting to adjust to the lower food intake I consumed today. My abs are really sore because of the intense workout yesterday! Anyone know how often i should work abs. (Since i'm in the cutting stage ive heard many of people say go one day heavy and next light several reps for abs) anyone got any feedback on that? If not I will repost tomorrow my status! and weight as well! Hope yall have a good night! TTYL T-Nation


I work my abs no more than three times a week.
Abs are made in the kitchen.
Keep up the good work man.
"You can do it nicky!"
Looking forward to those pictures after you're done cutting.



Well I weighed myself in this morning and DAMN!!!! 255.2 I lost some water weight yesterday!! I'm guessing it was because of all the cardio and then sauna. Well today is heavy day for me so hopefully i can coop with it! Cya T-Nation


Well its Wednesday..Giving my people an update to all that are keeping up with this 3 month process...ITS AMAZING!! Im down to 251.8! This is insane!! 10 pounds of water weight! no way!.... My strength is still there and im not sore. I still need some advice on the fish oil thing. Havent started takin in fats by supplements yet! With my size anyone know how much I should consume on a daily process? And when i should be taking these dosages! I workout at night....Thanks
Until tomorrow!


I think 3-6 grams is recommended. I usually just poor about how many I think I can swallow in my hand a couple times a day. I would assume taking them with a P+F meal, if that's what your program has, would be best.


I usually take around 9-10 grams a day. I think Berardi recommends 6-10g to start.


i went to the store just now, and there are so many brands lol!! On the liquid caps says 1g per cap hopefully they will helP!


Definately go with Flameout if it is in stock. Really good stuff!


i cant find it anywhere ! i would love to get it though!


Try the My Vita Net website

...only place I found that wasn't sold out of them. It's 5 bucks more than here but if you want it soon, there ya go.


Update!! 4-6-06

I weighed in this morning! 250.9
I see it in my waist too!
Talking about some results.
I will post a pic later today.
Yesterday's workout was horrible due to no energy because it was my last day for low calorie until tomorrow back to the low cal 3-day again. But for today is my high calorie day and im loving it. So much more energy today! lol

IMO im just trying to get ripped. Sounds like to me im getting lean to fast which is going to cause LBM to lose. But im taking my proper protein and NO2 so hopefully i wont lose much. So far no strength or mass has gone except for the nasty body fat!
I got my bodyfat checked yesterday im at 17% now started at low 19%.

Remember my goal is 10-12% most

I will keep ya'll posted! T-Nation


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What the hell are you talking about?



As of today I am at an amazing 249.2!!

Crazy stuff.
Diet is working perfectly for now until I hit my plateau. But until then I will continue on the same diet. Please feel free for anyone to ask any questions. I am very open and friendly to anything. Thanks T-Nation!


Good job! I wish I was 6'5"!!!!
Why do you want to be lighter at 6'5" you probably look awesome at 250lbs


Well I do Firefighter. I look really decent as of right now. But I really never have been shredded before so I figure why not give it a try. By the way T-Nation Family i am at 248.1 today! I believe its because of yesterday, my future girlfriend wanted to talk and run on the track. Ended up jogging/walking/running 5 miles in an hour. WAY TOO MUCH CARDIO. Probally went into catabolic stage. But it was a really good conversation! LoL So still dieting/ no cheating 7 days/week!
Until next time T-Nation!


We have a badass sauna at our gym. Would that be an option like 2-3 times a week to do to assist on losing more weight. Also help remove some lactic acid as well! Question is...Before or after work out, and how many times a week?>


Quick update...busy at work today
I am back from the weekend and decided to weigh myself and came in at 246.1...
G2G thanks T-Nation!


Awesome progress man! 'Tis the season, it seems. Good luck with your future girlfriend too....

Are you still hanging onto your muscle? Any concerns as far as strength goes?