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Started Lifting


I started lifting ,with my physios permission.
Shes told me take it easy and try and perform all the exercises in a siting position.
Of course I
m supposed to go high reps, no heavy wts. at all.
And in no case i`m supposed to tighten my butt or do any lower body jerking.

The only thing I did today was machine benches.
U know, its such a strange feeling not to tighten ur butt and bench.
I dont think I hit failure even on one set.

The point I`m posting this is this:
My lower back/lumbars-they are really tight in the R area.I feel nothing in my L area.
(and its my Rbutt cheek and R knee which are injured.
And of course my R oblique which is tighter...)

so whats up?
Maybe I should still rest ....


What the hell are you talking about? What injury? What's going on? I guess actual sex with a person of the opposite sex (I don't know if you're a girl or a guy) is out of the question, what with no butt tightening or lower body jerking.


Yeah. This post confused the hell out of me. This should not be the lifting protocol for anyone not recovering from a serious injury if then.


Tasteless jokers everyone

Read my posts on Squat Injury, knee not pointing straight, My physios recommandations:right or wrong....

I`m a virgin guy..

Seriosly now, for those who`ve read my previous injury posts-plz reply..


Maybe it would help us to be serious if you indicated that you were injured and how and provided a link in THIS post. Do you think we waste our time searching every posters past posts?


LOL WELL there is your PROBLEM your a VIRGIN. Fix that and you will easily bench in the high 300+ pound




Here are 2 links


So thats the secret of Buffness?
No wonder arnold got so big..
All those sqt wk-outs in the forest and the love-making...


How old are you?

You should follow your doctor's advice and not lift so much, at least until you get the feeling back in your L area.