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Started Lifting in January 09


im 16 years old been working out for around 8 months
i only hav two pics sorry in advance


and my other…


Really good for 16. You’re gonna catch some heat for not posting leg pictures.

Keep goin’.


I run tnation and I saw 3 threads from denisgingras015. explosive strength, be a monster and now this.

Well, post more pics soon cause this in front looks good, this in back not so much. Also post your records and routine here. I still have your records (from other thread) in my mind so I know that you are really good, but not everyone here remember this.

You are still 16 and that’s great. Don’t fuck something and keep going.


ok thanks man appreciate the comments


git er done… and as previously said, you’re doing good on the front side but maybe focus a little more attention on your back, and hopefully your legs are in par. other then that, just keep eatting lots and lifting.


im 16 and i dont look that big on front good job


Looking good. From the viewing the pics I think you could benefit from some extra shoulder training to match the big traps. Also some back training to bring your lats out. But def on the right track!


thanks guys. its weird cause my delts look much bigger from the sides


Looking good man… Your front looks good, keep up with what your doin. I think you should focus some more work on your back width…

What’s are your stats?


Whats your height and weight?


great, do you mind posting diet/ training here? sample day.