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Started Lifting Again After a 10 Year "Break"

I used to be quite the gym rat from about age 18-30. I used to love working out with weight, but now it feels like the most boring thing ever. I’m trying to get in better shape. I’d like to be in GOOD shape! Currently 190-195 lbs with 18% body fat. I’ve been jogging 4-5 times per week for the past three months.

Now looking to get back into lifting. I have access to the following equipment:

Adjustable bench
45 lbs Olympian style bar, lots of plates
EZ-curl bar
Power rack
Smith machine
Leg press machine
Dips rack
“Cable crossover” rack

I’d like some help with setting up a split and which exercises to use. I have a hard time figuring out what to do with back.

One of the discs in my lower back is pretty worn, so no squats or deadlifts for me.

I want to continue jogging and combine that with lifting weights.

So specifically what I’m looking for is a list of exercises I can do with that equipment, and especially for my back.

Thanks in advance.

What were you doing in the 12 years you was lifting?

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Pick up the book “The New Rules of Lifting” by Lou Schuler & Alwyn Cosgrove. I think it’s a great book and should work well with your equipment.