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Started Lifting Again 3 Weeks Ago

I lifted in high school, but I didn’t push myself. I’ve been reading tons of articles here, as well as at Diesel Crew. I’m reading Dinosaur Training as my Bible.

I started off being able to Deadlift 245 twice. I couldn’t do more without straps. The next week it went to 265 twice with some smaller weights at higher reps working up to 265. Saturday I did 265x1x5, 295x1x1 and attempted to break 300 but couldn’t get the weight up more than an inch before my grip failed. Last night I got 309 up twice.

I’m not meticulously calculating my percentages or total cals (yet), but I am making a point of eating smaller meals more often, eating whole foods, and avoiding grains. I’m also trying to get adequate sleep, something that will be much easier when work slows down.

Anyway, I’m open to any tips. I am training with a friend of mine who competes in powerlifting, and after reading Dinosaur Training and watching my friend’s totals shoot up from progressively heavy lifting, I’m a believer in using the 3 lifts at progressively heavier weights. I’m a noob, but it’s working for me so far.