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Started HCG, Clomid, and Anastrazole

Hello All,

I am suffering from Low Testorsterone and Hypothyroidism from 28 years of Age. Now I am 39. My doctor has put me on HCG + Anastrazole + Clomid Protocol.

October 2019
My Testosterone 368 ng /mL
Free Testosterone 8 pg/mL
estradiol = 11.6 pg/mL

Jan 20
After 2 months
Testosterone 518 ng /mL
Free Testosterone 15 pg/mL
Estradiol= 46 pg/mL

Doctor said, Now I need to take more anastrazole

HCG 500iu 5 days a week
Anastrazole .25 mg 3 times a week.
Clomid 50 mg every other day.

This protocol will stop in Max 5 - 6 months.

Please share your experience, Suggestions, Reviews with this protocol.
I don’t see much difference in Energy. Started getting Morning erections.

Find a new doc. Immediately.

Are you in the US?


This clomid+HCG+anastrozole protocol is unusual unless you are trying to have kids or restarting the HPTA, usually clomid by itself is enough, but for the treatment of low testosterone, TRT is normally used.

It’s my opinion all these frankenstein drugs will take away most of the benefits that TRT would offer, after all testosterone is a hormone your body evolved to process and these drugs are toxic and come with lots of side effects.

Be aware anastrozole cannot affect E2 produced inside the testicles when using HCG, anastrozole only affects E2 via aromatization.

I’m going to agree with @ncsugrad2002, find a new doc asap!

So clomid which is half estrogen, and then an AI to block estrogen.

You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

Run from this doctor as fast as you can. Literally run for your life.

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Yes I live in Memphis Area.

Doctor is trying to start my HPTA which is very slow or dead.

He’s going about it in a very strange way, to put it nicely…

I’d like to know what test method and the normal range is on the E2 test. That’s not overly high on my E2 lab ranges with the LC/MS/MS test method (8-35 pg/mL).

Do you have a history of steroid drug use?

I’d check with the FBI to see if your doc is part of ISIS. Their torture methods are very similar. If you ever decide you want to feel what the positive side of TRT feels like you should get a telemedicine doc. After a phone call they’ll have T shipped to your house the next day. Mine runs $150/month. Small price to pay to change every aspect of your life. There’s a million clinics out there but if you want mine my email is in my bio.


No, I have autoimmune Hashimoto.

Are you on Armour thyroid?