Started Green Faces

1st day on the green faces diet! measurements and pics to follow - wish me luck!

Good Luck!

Unreal results - my apologies to all for not posting pics and measurements - life gets in the way sometimes - anyway - lost 10 lbs. 10 lbs. And this is the day after a pool party where I had 2 slices of pizza and 4 beers. Insane results.

What is the green faces diet?

ggo to magazine, issue 635 - I read it, then I read it again, then I explained it to my wife, then I erad it again. So very simple - check it out -

Its 4 weeks of meat, eggs, green vegetables, no condiments, and water only. If you eat only lean meats, and don’t fry the meats, its basically a protein sparring, modified fast, because its hard to shove enough of that down your throat to meet your BMR requirements.