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Started Going Out with Girl. Please Help




haha, I’ve got a herpes story I think you’ll enjoy, can’t remember if I’ve told it before on the forum but I will anyway.

A mate of mine has the herps (yes - it really is a mate of mine and not me so knock it off with that shit), and he started dating this girl. Now, herpes is the gift that lasts a lifetime so obviously at some point you have to come clean with your girl that you’ve got it.

So he’s been dating this chick for a little while and he’s really super into her, but they’ve not had sex yet and he knows he has to tell her before they do. He really likes her so he’s trying to do the right thing.

They’re getting down to business one night and he’s starting to panic because he’s not told her yet. Things are getting hot and heavy so he knows it has to be now, and just as he’s about to tell her she says:

Her - There’s something I need to tell you.
Him - What?
Her - I have herpes.
Him - Me too!

And it turned into this weirdly tender moment where they bonded over their shared grossness. Quite touching, in a way…


Hahahahahaha gold


Haha come on I didn’t even put in a Tom Brady reference!


Fixed it for you.


Here’s the thing- Get this video. Make a nice dinner for her. Have a couple of cups of coffee after dinner. Laugh little, then put this on.

Let Henry do the awkward footwork.



I’d definitely pick something more fun and interactive, bowling / mini-golf you know, that cute shite



Does stuff like that actually work?

I guess I’m more of a “Hey! What is your nick-name for your vagina?” type guy than “Watch me sink this put through the windmill” kind of guy.

They all have nick-names for their vag. But I’ve never met a single one that has a windmill obstacle in her nightstand.


eh i mean if shes saying ‘‘Take shit slow’’ she is either serious which in that case cute shit works.

or it means shes actually a hoe but you aint her type so she’ll just rinse you on the free dates.


It’s the extra, unprompted emphasis that makes this “mate” stuff suspect


You make this sound like anything other than the heaven it truly is.


I just can’t get used to Brits and Ausies using the word “mate” to mean “friend”. Then I remember they’re speaking a different English. I learned the word mate to mean:

each of a pair of birds or other animals.
"a male bird sings to court a mate"
synonyms: partner, life partner, husband, wife, spouse, lover, live-in lover, significant other, companion, helpmate, helpmeet, consort;

(of animals or birds) come together for breeding; copulate.
“successful males may mate with many females"
synonyms: breed, couple, copulate
"pandas rarely mate in captivity”




Serious. Chill out and enjoy your life. If she wants to continue to be part of it, she will. If she doesn’t, you’re already enjoying your life, so it won’t be too bad.

She’s 19. 19 is young. (So is 24…) you guys still know everything. So just be yourself and don’t stress out about shit. She’s likely just as nervous as you, if not more, and wondering just as much where this is going. She likely has just as much self doubt, and likely has less faith in you than you do in yourself because she is projecting past hurt until all men she encounters for the rest of her life.

If this shit is meant to be, there is very little you’ll be able to do to stop it. If it isn’t, there is zero chance in worrying about it.


Movies are a bad idea, you pay for food and a date but end up not being able to talk to the other person for two hours. Also, if she is coming out of long term relationship, her ex might still be in the picture. She’s 19, if this was her first boyfriend then she’ll be hung up on him for a while. I would move on to someone else, the difference in age doesn’t seem like much, but 19 is YOUNG, very little life experience. You’re the older one here, you shouldn’t be asking for advice on dating a teen, I’m sure if you had a much more assertive attitude she might come around. But I wouldn’t bank on it. Go back on tinder and change the filter for the ages, date women, not girls.


I think its more along the lines of inviting her over your place or your last guess. I’ve been out of the game for a few years myself so I wouldn’t know exactly


You need to travel more bruh … you’re young right? like sub 25?


Mate if you got a problem with my english why don’t you go mate with yourself.


I’m 28. I have a mortgage, job, spouse, kids, rentals house maintenance… I don’t know when I’d travel.


You must be a chick. And not a lesbian.

OP, don’t listen to this post, women have no clue what they want or how to get it when it comes to other women. They watch way too many chick flicks and if guys followed what a women says she wants, we would get friendzoned 99 times out of 100.


… people don’t get on tinder to find true love. You either ‘chill’, as you kids say it, or you end up the gay roommate who comes home with wine, ice cream and a rom com when their period hits.