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Started Foam Rolling


So I finally picked up a foam roller to help combat my very seated lifestyle. I followed the Feel Better for 10 Bucks article, also intending to include some of Cressey's shoulder saver rolling because I got a first-degree AC joint separation last week.

Thing is, when I went to do my hip flexors and abductors, the pain was intense in the same positions that Cressey outlined, and no matter how many rolls I did, it didn't really go down. Since I'm brand new to foam rolling, I just want to make sure that this is mostly due to just starting with the rolling, and will go away if I start rolling every day for 10-20 minutes.

On the plus side, after foam rolling, I could throw push kicks to over my head without stretching, so this must be doing something!


Yeah I need to jump back on the foam rolling wagon. Don’t know if my new gym has one. Time to invest in one I guess. Definitely worth the 10 bucks or so.

Think they suck? Try doing them the day or two after hitting legs hard!


Just keep doing it, it will get less painful. But yeah those area hurt a lot in most people.
If you real start liking it, get a pvc pipe or something really hard to roll the “easier parts” usually, hams and adductors.


It is normal to feel that the first couple times. If you even wrap your foam roller in a towel to reduce the force being applied to what your rolling, until you can “stand” the hardness of your foam roller without the towel.


pain is normal, as written above. it WILL get easier after a few weeks! if it hurts,it just means you need it more. i had the same problem with my IT band, even with a foam roller and my other foot down i cringed in pain. now i work that area with a pvc pipe with both legs off the ground. results will come through consistency!


i don’t have IT band pain when i roll, but i do get excruciating pain rolling the top of the quads. anyone else? i’ve been rolling for a while and it still KILLS!

step rolling up to 5 days a week maybe?


i rolled everyday, on a bit of a break now (been 2 weeks lol) but ill be starting again soon. wherever i had pain, its decreased ALOT over the past 2-3 months. it might take a while but itll get done soon enough.

i dunno if itll help much but i stretch a muscle immediately after rolling. so for example, id roll my hams and quads, and then stretch the hams and quads for 2-3 sets of 20 secs. then move onto other muscles, and continued in this fashion.