Started First Test E Cycle, No PCT Plan

On my first test e cycle. 250 twice a week. 3 weeks in. I was hoping to find some nova/Clomid for during and pct but it’s not looking good. Am I in trouble? Any advice? Thanks for any help

if your not equipt stop early u be fine without happened me

I recommend finding some. There are even sources that sell peptides and research chems that have Nolva etc. You pretty much shut yourself down already so best bet is to keep looking.

If you can’t find Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) they it’s because you’re not looking. Steroid sites, research chemical sites and depending on your country the local pharmacy.

Don’t stop your cycle, cause the damage has already been done; just be quick about getting your PCT drugs.

Next time make sure you have your PCT on hand, plus extra, before you start your cycle.


up your dose to 600 mg pw and go your dealer get extensive pct drugs.

Why? How does this help his current situation which is over two weeks old btw.

whens a good time never

Stop giving advice.