Started First Test Cycle 5 Weeks Ago, Some Growth, No Libido or Energy

Hey guys, would really appreciate some feedback and advice.

So I started my first test cycle five and a half weeks ago, I have been noticing some muscle growth which is exciting, and I am perhaps a little bit stronger, though not much.
But changes in energy levels and libido have been very very small if any at all, and most people have said that these two are what usually would change first.

As well as muscle growth, having better energy is one of my chief goals. And overall it seems like I’m not yet experiencing to any large degree a lot of the effects test should have, so I’m wondering what is going on.
Could E2 be too high and causing issues? Maybe it just takes more time and to be patient?

I don’t think the test is bunk or underdosed since I am seeing visual improvements and muscle going on, so it seems odd to me that the standard test effects otherwise don’t seem to be kicking in yet, libido strength energy drive etc.
Any suggestions for what to do or what might be going on/how to get improved energy levels, strength etc would be really helpful, thank you very much.

Any ideas are welcome.

Dose? Ester? Amount and frequency of injection? You’re asking for help but providing very little relevant info.

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Def need to know what you are taking per @blshaw comment.
Also the only “standard teat effects” are better protien synthesis and better recovery which in turn leads to muscle growth.
You are messing with your hormones and everyone is different. At some levels(usually lower) i feel more energy and drive to get things done. At higher levels i feel a little more lethargic and lazy. It’s all individual. Your hormones react differently than my hormones.
Also at 5 weeks your blood levels are just becoming stable. I would think what your are feeling now or next week is what you will feel for the rest of the cycle.
As far as the E2 is concerned, this is dependent on how you convert. Get some bloodwork done to see where you are. Once you have more experience you may be able to go off feel but first cycle you’d be guessing. Higher E2 is not really bad as long as your not feeling negative effects from it.

500mg Test Enanthate per week split into daily injections.

@s.gentz That’s interesting to hear you have more energy and drive at lower levels, I’ve never heard that before. Useful to know, thanks

I would inject 1-2 times weekly, daily injections at 500 mg is overkill. You’re not at a steady state, which will occur between 6-8 weeks.

It could be many things causing your symptoms.

Why are you injecting so much? TestE can be taken 1-2 times per week,
When i say low levels i’m referring to lower MG/wk taken as opposed to higher MG/wk.
Example is 300mg/wk i feel great with more energy and drive. 600 and up I start to feel more lethargic with less motivation except in the gym. This could also change based off taking other compounds with the test. End of the day what i’m saying is manipulating your hormones is different for everyone. You have to find out what works best for you.


These effects are overblown IME, and from what others that I know report. Probably partially an internet effect (I’ve heard a few accounts of guys saying they feel like superman). T booster commercials make it seem like a little increase in Testosterone will have guys in their 50s and 60s having energy and libido of a teenager.

The changes for most are subtle (regarding energy and libido). IME, the libido spike is more noticeable than energy. I don’t really notice an energy increase at all. I suppose I recover better from training, and that will lead to a bit more energy, but it is in the realm of really having to think about it to notice. A cup of coffee will improve my energy far more than 500 mg of Test.