Started First Cycle

First off, I am 25 years old and have been training off and on since 14 years old. I am 5’ 9" and I way 170 lbs. I have about 14% body fat.

I have training real hard for the last year with knowing that I was going to use AAS once I was in it for a while. I have been doing plenty of homework and reading and have been strict and disciplined with my diet.

I just started my cycle and it is as follows

weeks 1-10 200mgs of deca and 400mgs of test cyp.

weeks 3-8 20 mgs of d-bol

also proviron and nolvadex entire time using d-bol

I have hcg and clomid for pct when should I begin my pct I have heard a week before my last dose and i have also heard not until about 3 weeks after my last dose.

could someone please give my some feedback or suggestions.

uhhm…no offense, but i don’t think you’ve been doing your homework around man.

ideally, i’d run the d-bol weeke 1-3, the deca weeks 1-9, and the test 1-10 and the proviron all 10 . obviously, that’s much different than your cycle…

Do some serious research on pct and your learn you start AFTER the drugs are out of your system or at least mostly so. Also at 5’9" and 170lbs I have a hard time agreeing that you are ready for aas.

this is what i would run, with the doses you have listed (which are pretty decent for a first cycle, btw)…

D-bol-20 mg/day wks 1-3
Deca-200 mg/wk wks 1-9
Test Cyp-400 mg/wk wks 1-10
Proviron-25-50 mg/day wks 1-11
Clomid-100 mg/day wk 12, 50 mg/day wks 13-14

the d-bol will kick in quick, and give you some results while you wait for the deca and cyp to cath up. the deca needs to end about a week before the test, as it’s half-life is at least a week longer. and PCT should not start until most of the cyp and deca have cleared your body, since if they’re still in there, it will just continue to supress you while you attempt PCT.

hope this helps…btw, check out the Steroid Newbie Thread for more info…

Thanks for the pointers bro. I will continue to post results. But for the most part just read and study ( when not bustin my ass in the gym) and not try to give advice and try to impress anyone with what I think I might know about cycling or gear since I am a newbie. I do believe in starting at the bottom and working my way up.


i think you have the beginings of a good cycle…maybe just “tweak” it a bit…good luck with it!