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Started First Cycle, Worried


Hi everyone.

Yesterday I started my first cycle ever. It was a 5 week bottle of test e 250 mg, and I took one ml of it with a 22g 1 inch needle. I injected in the upper right part of my ass, and today I still have no soreness. I injected at about 4 o clock yesterday, and I am beginning to wonder if my test is legit.

It has an NDC number on it and has a picture of a tree it looks like beside of it. It also has a list of what is in it and percentages on the side of the bottle.

Thanks for any replies, I am starting to worry since I am not sore yet. I didn't really feel any different after injection either. I will post a picture later if needed.


Picture would be lovely yes.


5 weeks of test e?



BoneZ217, I did not come here for criticism, and I have 2 bottles of it, so it is acutally a 10 week cycle. If you aren't going to post something helpful, and had rather act like you are an ignorant know it all, please do not comment on my post. Thanks.

Arnoth, picture coming right up!


Any clue on wether this was a good or bad decision yet?


Is that like a jumbo shrimp? Or a bigger half?

You did a shot and got no pain. Whats the problem? Seriously. Whats the problem.


Haven't seen that brand before,

My test cyp from 4 months ago was Royal Quality, which worked great, and I didn't get any soreness on the injection sites besides a couple of times.

My new cycle is Test E, Deca and winstrol, Test E is from Silverstar, Deca is from Dragon Pharma and Winstrol is EuroPharma, the test-e hurted like a motherfucker for 4 days and the deca didn't, but the next injection of test e didnt hurt at all, so it is just sometimes it gives soreness.

Nothing to worry about, youll find out if you got bunk gear in a couple of weeks.


How will I know if my gear is bunk then, exactly? I need to know what I am looking for since this is my first cycle.

Bonez, I didn't mean to offend you, but so many people are assholes and jump people's shit and make them feel retarded on these forums for absolutely no reason. I know you are very knowledgeable, so please help us new folks out instead of making fun of us.

I have also heard the soreness may come 2 days later, or a day and a half, but so far I still have no pain.


Well I noticed weight gains already in week 2, so if you dont notice anything, weight gain, strenght gain, anything, I guess it isn't legit, but ask Bonez, he is more experienced with this.


Test E should never be painful. Muscle soreness in a virgin muscle in one thing. The site itself should not burn or throb or turn red. Thats shitty gear.

You'll know its real if you get stronger, get bigger, oilier skin, libido improves, get gyno etc.

Painful gear =/= potent gear. The testoserone e powder should not cause pain at all.


Well considering it hurted as a mother fucker must been because of that I've never injected into my butt, lol.
Thanks, sorry for hijacking thread.


dude its simple..if you're doing 500mg test/week your nutts should shrink. just keep going and watch for changes like these guys said. if it was bunk, contaminated, or whatever you'd know it by week 2. if its a UGL it might be under/overdoesed, most likely under, but fuck it just go with what feels right.

I'm seriously considering brewing my own.


I believe it's SP Laboratories also known as V-injectables. I've never used that UGL but it should be good to go. I'm thinking you got it from a very popular internet source. Although, they don't sell any test. of this particular lab., only thing I've seen is Tren and EQ.

I dunno good luck man, bang it and see what happens. Or toss it and eat a couple hundred bucks. Personally I'd just go with it, fuck u've already shot it for 2 weeks.