Started First Cycle Two Weeks Ago

i just started my first cycle about 2 weeks ago, im almost 21,ive been training for 2 years, weigh 190-200 and around 14-15% bf, and im running:
sustanon 500ml a week (10-12 weeks)
liquid dbol 50ml (1 dropper) (4-6 weeks)
arimidex 1ml EOD
nolvadex and clomid liquid dropper 50ml each

so far i haven’t seen any results, not any strength gain, no libido increase, NOTHING!!! why is this happening??

my diet is basically condisdered of high protien, high calories, not very organized, but i do get around 4-5k calories everyday, most of my meals contain chicken breast, fish, turkey, lamb meat, eggs, and alot of protien shakes during the day.

my training:
day 1: chest, bicep, tricep
day 2: back, shoulder
day 3: legs, abs, weak spots
day 4: chest, bicep, tricep
day 5: back, shoulder
day 6: legs, abs, weak spots
day 7: rest
and repeat

any suggestions why things are going wrong and why im not seeing any results??

Get blood work done and see if your gear is any good.