Started First Cycle. Should I Use an AI?

Started my first cycle 2 weeks ago. Doing 250mg of Test-E every 3.5 days.

Did some blood work yesterday. Serum testosterone was above 1500 ng/dL. And estradiol was at 99.2 pg/ml. A bit high but I dont feel any sides. All other profiles were within rage.

On the contrary I am feeling very good (even though it is supposed to kick in during the 4th week). I have noticed major strength gains and I just generally feel better.

Should I do something about the estradiol even if I do not feel any sides? I am not using any AI atm.

No. Put it away in your sock draw and forget about it.

Base your actions on this and not the numbers.

Here is the simple rule:

High Test/High E2 = Good
Low Test/High E2 =Bad
High Test/Low E2 = Bad


My E2 was up at 352pg/ml on 500mg test e per week and I felt great with no sides. Just because the number is high it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad thing.


Including sexual function? No ED issues?


nope, nothing. could have been disastrous with e2 that high but I got away with it!

I’m on week 4 right now, test is 1980 estrogen is 42 and my nipples started developing little painful lumps behind them. My nips got puffy earlier in the cycle and I leave it be because puffiness usually happens for me anyways on cycle but when I get lumps then I immediately start nolva. Idk how people do no AI’s or tolerate such a high estrogen level

ah my levels posted are in pmol/l not pg/ml, apologies for the confusion. so my American e2 level is 95.8 when blasting at 500mg test e/pw.