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Started First Cycle. Redness Below First Delt Injection

So 2 nights ago, nearly 40 hours ago, I started my first ever Test E cycle. I did everything that I was supposed to EXCEPT I didn’t warm my oil before injection. Yesterday I woke up with a very sore mid delt but I read thats pretty common with a virgin muscle? But today when I woke up, a lot of the soreness has gone away but there is just a lot of redness maybe an inch below and 3 inches or so towards and into my bicep?!

I need some help or advice as to what may have happened? Should I be worried or am I over stressing?

How much did you pin in that spot?

ahh is that insanely swollen or am I seeing things ?

1ml, 250mg

I never warm anything. I don’t think that was a mistake. Looks like a bit of PIP. Your batch might be heavy in BA.

Could I ask what PIP means? Haha sorry!
Yeah I’ve heard the possibility of high BA, what’s that mean for that also? Do I try again? Chuck it out? Danger of what I’ve acrually done?

Nah it isn’t actually swollen :slight_smile: I think it was just a bit of a bad angle/arm position.

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Hey guys!
I started my first Test E cycle around 60 hours ago, I injected into my delt, 1ml/250mg. The day after my delt was sore but I assume that’s just to do with virgin muscle. And now the past 24 hours the pain is nearly all gone but I have lots of redness from approx 1.5inch below where I injected, it’s slowly faded but still really red in the lower of the patch. There is little to no inflammation, it isn’t itchy or sore on the patch. What are your opinions? Should I be worried?