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Started First Cycle. Questions and Possible Issues

Started my first Test-E cycle about 11 weeks ago. At first had some irritation at the injection sites, testicles may have shrunk a little…Noticed some strength differences but nothing huge, I don’t even think I look any different. Was doing 250mg/1mL 2x a week to equal 500 a week, started dbol at week 9 to get a little extra at 20mg per day for 2 weeks roughly, gained 1 pound… is my gear fake? Am I doing something wrong ? In total I went from 198 to about 203… something doesn’t add up. I don’t have increased anger, no acne, zero gunk…?

Also I have tamoxifen 20mg and Nolvadex 20mg. How and when should I start the post cycle… I think I should stop the current gear I’m on…?

Welcome to the wonderful world of AAS. There’s always a chance your gear is bunk; but considering how inexpensive testosterone and dianabol are: chances are it’s good.

What is your training and diet like? This is a big factor in how well you can make steroids work for you. If they aren’t on point then the cycle is useless. Steroids aren’t magic.

These are the same thing. Typical PCT is starting three weeks after your last test injection; 40mg/day Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) for two weeks, then 20mg/day for a further two weeks; for four weeks total.

Did you get get bloods? That’ll tell you if the test is fake.


Get some labs and see. If your TT isn’t 2000-3000ng on 500mg test then you’ve been had

If your source is at all decent then your test and dbol are unlikely to be fake as these are the cheapest products to make as far as I know. That being said, even if your test was pure bacteriostatic water and dbol gummy bears, you should have managed to gain more than 5 pounds in 11 weeks. I gained 5 pounds this weekend, unintentionally if I may add, just by having a few extra servings of mash potatoes and gravy.

What’s your diet and training like? And get some bloods to confirm your suspicions like others already said

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I’m surprised you made it 11 weeks without blood tests. If it’s a new source I usually get them checked after week 2.

I’ve only been doing 250 per/ 2x a week. Still three weeks after the last 250?

Even natty you should have gained more weight than that if you are eating correctly. I’d put my money on not enough food over bunk gear, unless you just googled “buy illegal steronz” and gave your money to the first site that pops up.

How is your strength progressing?
Major compound lifts should be increasing.

Yes, or more apt: 5 half lives of the selected compound so it can clear your system before starting PCT. Since Test E has a half life of 4.5 days, according to internet sources, that would mean 22.5 days; 3 weeks is close enough.

Does test injections increase white blood cell count ? (Eosinophilia)

How much weight you gained in a week before starting test, and how much now?

I gained about 6-8lbs and 2 weeks off I’ve completely lost it but like I said tons of strength.

So which is it: ‘tons of strength’ or ‘nothing huge’?

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i asked - how much per week did you gain before using test, and then - how much while ON per week?

4 weeks of pct? I saw some people say 6 some 4. 4 should be good no?