Started First Cycle Ever, Test E Only. Thoughts?

im started my first cycle 4 days ago is when i took the first shot of 250mg test my plan is the following:
week 1-12 test E 350 mg (250mg every 5 days) (or should i do 500mg (250 twice a week))
week 2-12 armidex 0.5 every couple of days or twice a week i havent decided yet, any suggestion is appreciated)
week 14-week 18: clomid 100mg/100/50/50, nolva(tamoxifen)40mg/40/20/20

that is about it, please guys since this is my first cycle i feel its normal for me to get worried, if there is any changes you think would be better i would really appreciate it.

Is there a sticky someplace that has this recommended as PCT? Everyone keeps using it.

Pick one or the other, 20mg Nolva or 25mg Clomid, and run it for 4-6 weeks, 3 weeks after your last pin

im so confused on what to do, i already bought everything and took my first pin

That’s wild. Anyway, it’s overkill.

As for the AI you’ll probably need some but I wouldn’t take any the first couple weeks. Feel it out. Start very small, .25mg after each injection.

Ideally you’d be getting some labs too to confirm

Im willing to go to extremes to prevebt gyno, the lowest i thought of doing was 0.5 mg on injection days.

Also if i happen to get gyno during the cycle what could i do to reverse it

Some of that extra Clomid or Nolva

As a caution, low e2 feels like shit, and will ruin an otherwise good cycle. I get where you’re coming from, but overdoing the AI isn’t the way. Good luck tho

I will keep that in mind, but what do you think about the test dosage should I go with 350 a week or 500?

I’d start with this and feel it out

Doses are fine, no need to go over 500. After 12 years of use and abuse, i find that 400mg is enough for me, and i have done as much as 2 grams - all it does is skyrockets my E2.

As for arimidex - best way is to monitor your bloodwork after 7-10 days and go from there. There are people who kill their E2 with 1/2 of a tab, and then there are people like me, who need a whole tab daily just to keep that sht in the range, so bloodwork would tell you what to do.

Running 500 mg test e a week 250mg twice.

I ready some people saying i should run 40/40/20/20 tamoxifen along with 100/100/50/50 clomid

And some people saying i only need the nolva

Any help is much appreciated

This post is very confusing. How many weeks did you run 500mg?
If you only did 250mg twice and no more you don’t need to do anything.

Yes im doing 2 shots of 250mg a week.

thats exactly my point, some people say its too much and need a good pct, some say lower the dosage, some say its not that much and i dont need anything, im still on week one and dont know what do.

My main question was do i need the clomid for the pct or just tamoxifen if so what is the dosage?

If you’re that same guy from the other thread that’s abandoning his cycle after just one pin then do what the guy in your other thread suggested, which is don’t do anything and act like nothing ever happened.

I was gonna do the classic bro cycle with 500mg test e a week, took my first shot 4 days ago and was supposed to take the second one today, unfortunately a family emergency has occurred due to covid and i wont be training for a while now so i decided to postpone my cycle?

do i need to do anything similar to a pct since i only took 250mg shot only once ?

Or is it all good and im ready to continue living normally?

This has happened to me more than once back in the day. Do absolutely nothing, you wont notice a thing.