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Started First Cycle. Add Aromisin/HCG?


I am 29 years old 6’1 220 pounds

Started my first cycle on labor day

500 mg test e weekly
400 mg eq weekly

Nolvadex for pct

I have aromisin and hcg but have not used them and am wondering if it is too late to start. I feel pretty good getting stronger dieting correctly and have been working out for years before this first cycle. Any tips on how much of if I should start dosing the aromisin or hcg now?

I appreciate any help

Thank you

Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t take an AI unless you need it. On EQ it’s almost certain that you will not need it.

What exactly does your PCT look like following EQ. Based on your question regarding AI I would assume it’s off.

Eq 10 weeks
Test e 12 weeks
Nolvadex 20 mg ED two weeks after last pin

Thabks for the help any tip on hcg towards the end of the cycle

Hcg starting week 10-14 would be fine. I’d start earlier, but I happen to love hcg and thus would use it all the time no matter what.

Any way to extend out both the EQ and the test? That’s a short run as far as EQ goes and if you add another four weeks you should see some pretty good results.

Know your compounds.

That’s why I’m asking questions

EQ has a half of 14 days. You can’t start a PCT after one half life. EQ is not good for PCT guys as you have a long cooling off period before PCT and you need to run EQ for long periods as is. You need to wait a very long time to PCT and a bridge to maintain your new muscle is probably ideal.

Thank you how long do you think I should run the EQ and test e then. I’m just worried about when its done thia my first time doing it. I dont want to fuck it up