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Started Cycle Sunday, Almost Brown Urine Today

Hello everyone,
So I began my cycle, shot sustanon 250 on Sunday (31march) and initial plan is for 40 mg stana each day and 100mg of test prop every alternate day for a total of 3 weeks.
On the first day after sustanon, I felt weird, almost sick
And today morning I noticed very dark urine, almost light brown… So I drank maybe 10 glasses of water since then till now and still noticed the very same problem
What to do?

Also, there is a general feeling of fatigue and today I had to stuff my lunch in forcefully

Not a doctor, but this sounds like a serious issue. From my experience, this occurs with an elevated CPK and you could be damaging your kidneys. This actually happened to me when trying research peptides. Definitely increase your water intake and if it’s not better within a day or so, please seek medical attention.

Since this is a start of your cycle, did you also recently increase the intensity of your workouts? That can also elevate CPK.

Yes, I doubled the volume
And it was much better today evening

Likely dehydration, liver (bile excess) or kidney stress (blood in urine). Get bloods, if you start to experience symptoms of either hepatic or renal stress drop the winny.

I saw a doctor, he gave me udiliv 300 twice daily

if he gave you udiiv stop using the winny.