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Started Cycle, No Pct Planned. Help Me Before It's Too Late


HELLO I AM 19 YEARS OF AGE 76kg (bulky not fat bastered) this is my first cycle ive started tuesday week need some suggestions on pct as i haven’t a clue messed up …
heres my cycle
Week 1-6 andropen 275mg/pw (1ml)
Week 7-12 testosterone enanthate 300mg/pw (1ml)
i have a botle of armigen in case any boobs grow
any good suggestions for pct ?


Are you serious about the otc AI


At that dose he most likely won’t need any AI at all. And as far as PCT goes. He is young he probably can recover with no PCT if he waited long enough. Regardless, still wasn’t very thought out. Young people can be so impulsive.


no there tablets 1 mg


thank you for reply


1mg of what, anastrozole or arimidex, letro femara


You obviously didn’t put too much thought into this… You are 19… What’s your reason to get on gear? You just wanna be stronger in the gym? How about you take the next 5-6 years and research what you should do… If you have no clue about PCT you probably should not do a cycle…


already on cycle


Listen to this dude. I did my first cycle at 19. No pct, no e block, nothing. Gym rat was my doctor. Ruined my hormones. Age of 25 I walked into a dr office to be told I had the t of a 75 year old man. T is fun until it becomes a neccisity.


yeah hearing u guys making me think of this alot different think ima bitch outa this first cycle until i figure out pct only took 1 jab so maybe be grand maybe next summer …


Those doses are a complete waste too. You will naturally make that much test at your age. So basically you are shutting down natural production and your hpta for nothing! And you always make sure you have legit AI and PCT in hand before starting a cycle. Sometimes these companies/pharmacies can take long time to deliver. Not a risk i would be willing to take.