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Started Cycle, Need Help With Diet



started test cyp/dbol...What is my ideal diet going to be??? I'm eating 4000 cals/day....what should my protein/carbs be??? any suggestions


That needs to be figured out before starting a cycle.
At least 2g of prot/lb of weight.
carbs and fat will depend on how you respond to them and what your overall calories should be.

If you are still not sure how to eat then you are not ready to be using steroids.

You also need to state your goals to get help. How are we supposed to know if you are trying to put on 20lbs or to get to 5%BF?


My suggetion is to try doing a bit of research yourself instead of trying to get everyone else to lay things out for you. Like was already said, these things need to be figured out before you start.

These are not some otc supplements that the guy at gnc should explain to you how to use them.
This is the third post that i have read in the last 5 minutes where people need to just get a clue. If some of these posters even did a few hours of reading 90% of these type of questions should be avoided.


170 pounds? Not knowing what your goals are or how much of each drug you're taking for how long... who can say?

One hundred and seventy pounds.

Do you know about PCT?


My feelings exactly.


hahaha easy killers, I've been training for 7 years, not my first cycle....

goal is to get to 185@10%

Test Cyp 400mg/wk (10 weeks)
dbol 20mg/day (5 weeks)

I've been already gained 6 pounds in 11 days, i know it's water...but i feel really bloated and squshy...strength is crazy though...just wondering about my carb/protein ratio as compared to calories


I know carbs can bloat a guy. How about cycling them... three days off (<100g) and one day re-feed (+300g), etc.


I'm not trying to start anything here but I really don't see the weight as an issue. I didn't see any height listed so it's hard to judge with just a weight.

I now I'm getting off track here but bear with me. I think too many people look at ones weight and judge their progress by that. Not many people seem to consider what someone started at. You can't expect a guy that is 6ft and 135lbs before ever lifting to get to the same wight as a guy who is 6ft and 200lb before ever lifting, before they look to AAS. Guy A could put on 50lb of muscle naturally and hes still gonna get crapped on because he only weighs 185 while guy B is ok to use because he now weighs 220 even though he has only put on 20lb.

Sorry for the long whining post but I just get sick of people deciding on who is or is not ready to use solely based on their body weight.


I hear ya, firestanggt. But at 5'10 and 170#... lifting for seven years!, what are your perceptions?

It says to me he hasn't put in the time to learn how to lift and eat for success, nor how much time one should expect for success to happen. Time in the trenches is the biggest factor in how much you'll benefit from gear, without gear being a crutch for growth.

To the OP:

I had a rule. Two times your weight in grams of protein and three times your weight in grams of carbs. But that carb cycling thing may be good if you're sensitive to bloating. You may have to up the protein to stay at your calorie level on the low days. 185 should be a piece of cake to reach after your cycle ends. Good luck.


In this case I agree. I must have missed where he listed his height.


Thanks guys, heres a before pic....i'll post an after pic as well....i always say 5'10 because i swear i used to be, but i'm 5'8 1/2 5'9...5'10 is what i tell the ladies..lol


and this


is 9 inches