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Started Creatine & a Crash in Libido


A little back ground. I am 17 and have been taking creatine for about 2 months now. Up until now i have had only great results from it, until I realized I haven't had seemingly any sex drive for the last 3 weeks. This doesn't seem normal for some one my age (not to generalize, just from experience.) Any data, anecdotal, or empirical, on creatine's sexual side effects would be wonderful, thank you.


I also began using creatine when i was 17, NEVER had an issue with sex drive. Are you sure you are not just stressed about something?


Creatine and sex drive are unrelated.

Sexdrive problems, barring steroid usage, are usually sleep, diet, stress related.


I don't really know; middle of the summer, good job, no family issues, no school? I don't believe that to be the problem. I don't want to go on a witch hunt "OMG supps kill sex drive" but the timing is curious. Thank you for the quick response though =)


Maybe its the summer and there are no girls around?

Although that might just increase the primal instincts.


Never heard of creatine affecting sex drive, doesn't affect mine and I've been using creatine for years.


I live in Georgia my friend, there is nothing like a Georgia Peach in the summer, and where I live there is no shortage of them ><
I am even dating one. Normally I wouldn't be complaining about what is happening, it is more my better half that is noticing the change.


Thank you, if a couple more people chime in and say it has not affected them, that it is all in my head, I will go see a doctor or something.


It has nothing to do with the creatine. Nothing at all dude.


Dumbed down, creatine pulls water into muscle cells and thus aids recovery. Secondly, being som to speak the "currency" of energy, it increases the potential for stronger lifts performed in the gym. That's it. No more, no less.

Would the OP please enlighten me how it could possibly affect things such as libido, maybe aggression levels? Come on!!
Now I don't just wanna be a prick here, so how about this: I assume you've planned out your creatine cycle and ramped up the weights/volume/intensity/frequency whatever, so the gym leaves you too wiped out for uh... extra hip/glute workouts?


You caught teh ghey.

You are now in what is known as the transitional phase. Neither fully converted to teh ghey yet.... but not normal.

Soon you will get it back, but in a entirely different way.


Creatine has no effects whatsoever on sex drive. Check everything else.


Creatine is just a string of amino acids, so no it should not affect libido. I suggest trying to eat better and get more sleep. Maybe start taking a multi vitamin also.


This would be my guess, too.


Hey man, I am sorry, this is the response I didn't want, I am absolutely not trying to say creatine did this, I am just at ends trying to figure why. Creatine was simply a new variable in my life so I immediately questioned it. I understand how creatine works, I have no idea how it would affect libido, I just wanted to see if anyone else had experience while on creatine. Maybe I am just too tired for extra hip/glue work =)


Alright. Thank you everyone. In a landslide it is just human(me) error. I will check out everything in my life that could be causing this.
Again thank you everyone for the speedy responses.


Maybe the problem isnt you......maybe its your woman.....

go out and get some strange.........that'll get your mojo working again :wink:


It's probably just old age.


Damn. 17 and sex drive problems. May be you need new punani. Or may be you are drinking too much water because of taking creatine? I mean if you are drinking 3 gallons of water a day, that might affect.