Started Clomid-Only TRT 3 Months Ago (25mg Clomid)

Hi guys,

I wanted to put this out there for input from more experienced guys, I have my 3 month follow up appointment with my doctor this week.

I wanted to bring up to him any issues with my numbers that people might see, overall I see a big improvement with the total testosterone, but wanted to see if the other numbers like free test etc were ‘good’ or not

Pre-Clomid (Roughly 3 months ago);

June 17, 2021

Estradiol, Serum - 9.6 pg/mL

Estrogens 92 pg/mL

FSH 7.7 mIU/mL

LH 3.9 mIU/mL

Free Testosterone (Direct) 9.6 pg/mL

Testosterone, Serum 374 ng/dL

8th September, 2021

Estradiol, Serum - 56.6 pg/mL

Estrogens 192 pg/mL pg/mL

FSH 24.3 mIU/mL

LH 16.6 mIU/mL

Free Testosterone (Direct) 195 pg/mL

Testosterone, Serum 941.1 ng/dL

Testost., F+W Bound 282.3 ng/dL (didnt have a value for this in the initial test - don’t think it was included?)

Overall, I definitely noticed an improvement in my symptoms (perhaps I was expecting alittle better improvement if I am honest but definitely improvement nonetheless). Also noticed a significant increase in appetite (don’t know if this is related).

Does anyone have any input, anything that might be worth bringing up to my doctor? Appreciate any feedback!


This is maybe nit-picking but this isn’t TRT. You’re not replacing testosterone by using Clomid. I’m a little surprised that your LH and FSH are so high (no ranges but pretty sure both of those are out of range high?) maybe the units are different. I’d get SHBG checked, or keep an eye on it, since SERMs are known to increase that. Good you’re feeling better though; hope it continues!

No, there’s nothing to add or even much to think of. I once used the same amount of clomid and my T went from 240 to 790.

If testosterone is low than all you need is TRT, but why you would want clomid, a toxin and synthetic estrogen to bind to your receptors in your brain effectively blocking the natural estrogen hormone is beyond me.

Clomid is the worst least effective treatment for low-T. I believe clomid is used because of how our society views steroids so negatively, even as clomid is much less effective treatment for reasons mentioned above.

Anyone taking clomid long term is a human guinea pig.

Hi Brickhead, did you eventually switched to testosterone? Did Clomid work for you or just raise the numbers?

It worked. I have been on TRT for 20 years since stopping Clomid.

If you dont mind me asking, if it was working and you decided to switch, what made you make the change?

I felt “off” on it. However I have a friend who feels fine on it and he is expecting his first kid with help from it.

I have since used gels and T Cyp. I used Testim or Androgel for some years and then in 2013 went to injections, 100 mg per week.

I used HCG for 1000 IU thrice per week with my TRT for fertility for two kids.

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