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Started Blast 3 Weeks Ago, Now Having Side Effects

I started a cycle around 3 weeks ago of 550 test cyp
I was on TRT 250mg per week and was feeling great with no side affects,
Now after 3 weeks on this cycle I feel anxiety and my mental clarity is not as it normal is, struggling to concentrate and feel horrible,
When I was doing the TRT I would injects twice per week, but on the cycle I been injecting everyday to try and limit side affects,
Iv now stop doing any injections for 5 days to try and get my levels back down, but I’m still feeling the same, and not sure if I should start my old TRT protocol now, or wait more for the levels to drop more,
How long does it take for the levels to peak if I was injecting everyday ?
And how long does it take for them to come back down?
Any knowledgeable suggestions welcome,


Easy fix. Just go back to your TRT dose and try to relax. In a few weeks you should be back to normal.

But should I start it now only 5 days after stopping?
As I’m not sure If my levels are still rising from the daily injections on the cycle,

I did almost exactly the same thing , ran a 400 mg blast for three weeks and got anxiety and heart palpitations quit and went right back to 240 mg trt dose . Took three weeks but the heart palpitations stopped going on week 5 and anxiety is slowly getting better

Ok did you immediately go back to the TRT dose ?
Or did you let you levels drop for a week or 2 ?

I went straight back to my trt dose , I’m pretty sensitive to dose changes and was scared if I skipped a week it might drop fast and make my anxiety worse

Ok do you have any idea how long my levels will be elevated considering I was injecting every day for 3 weeks, I would think it would still be rising a week after stopping?

I’m not sure , i would think ur done with levels rising but I don’t know enough to be sure

Ok thanks I’ll see if anyone else knows exactly about if my levels are still rising,

Half life is 8 days, so should take about 8-10 days for your levels to drop to your TRT dose levels.


Are you taking an AI? You might be like some guys whose e2 just explodes way past a comfortable level when taking larger doses of test.

No I didn’t take any AI
My E2 is at 100 on TRT if I remember correct with out any symptoms, that’s on 250mg per week

What’s the lab range? 100 without context makes it hard to tell if that’s high, low, or in the middle.

100 as in pretty high,
Normal lab range 10 to 42
But I had no symptoms