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Started a Videoblog


I need to practice, couldnt think of anything to say at the end :frowning:

Still, looking fucking SWOLE - almost 215 now


This is like, my favorite birthday present. Thanks!




Baxter, you know I don't speak spanish.


Yes mother, may I have another?


I think I love you.


You pooped in the refrigerator?!


Why is your head ALWAYS tilted to the side?


Could someone from Massachusetts to interpret this?


Your mannerisms remind me of Junior from Cool Runnings.


wow! so can't wait for part 2!



bah-dee-bilding LOL! You fucking tard I love it.


Hey. -SHRUGS- Im garbled celtics2022. Im gonna rap at ya about my life and give you my opinions on bah-dee-bilding. uhhhhhhhhh.

And I dont even speak french.

I assume you are trying to learn? Are you in a class?


What the fuck is this shit?

LOL at the single bed as well

No doubt has a wank sock under it that is as hard as a diamond


Celtics celebrity look-a-like.


Im a fan, Im going to follow this shit like its an episode of lost




looking big in your new avatar.


Kinda looks like he has scoliosis in the video posted by Jack.


So i guess we're turning this bitch into a meme thread.


Thanks Kerls! Im trying bro!