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Started a Not-so-Strict Diet, Answers?


well I got a couple of questions for some people that might have answers.
Ok well I'm now 32 years old have been on many diets many of times, I tryed low carb, low cal, liquid, and I have got some results from all of them some more then others. Well I want a diet that is real, that I eat real food, Now I have always been heavy, since I was a kid. but now I would like to be slimmer and more healthy. I have always been active always moving around not the kind of guy to sit around but I'm still 260lbs at 5' 8" i carry all my weight in my stomac area.

I just started a new not so strict diet, I'm doing about 2200 cals a day and doing the snacks inbetween. I am a hard loser I know that I dont realy want to do weights right now, I do push ups squats and assisted pull up. and some walking right now. and lots of water. Well I guess what I'm asking does it seem to any one that I'm doing some thing wrong or am I on the right track? well let me know your opinon. thanks



Why aren't you lifting weights? That's kind of what this site's about


You're a hard loser? That's because you're lazy and undisciplined when it comes to your body. You eat 2200 calories a day plus snacks? What does that even mean? That could be 4000+ calories, you have no idea how many calories you are eating. This is not a diet, it is just eating what you want when you want. Read the stickies, you have a lot to learn. Good luck


       well I am not lifting weights right now cause I'm not in the greatest shape and dont have any right now. I will be lifting again. no dout about that. but I am doing push ups and pull ups and sit ups and cardio. about 30 mins a day just to start.


well, I am not lazy by any means. I dont sit down all day i'm always moving, I do push ups  pull ups sit up just to get started and 30 mins of cardio a day rather walking riding a bike or some thing. My diet is 2200 a day including snacks so with my snacks I eat 2200 a day. I'm not gonna starv my self cause I know that dont work. I only eat enough till I'm still a little bit hungry still. I snack to keep my body from going into starvation mode. And people come here for advice. usally cause what there doing is not working, you should'nt be such an ass hole when you give people advice, that will only make them want to quit, gladly i'm smart enough to know that there are ass holes out there like you that feel better on putting others down.


listen people I have came here for encouragement and help. Not to be call a loser. I want to be able to talk with people on my way to a healthyer life style. I dont want any one to hold my hand but I want to learn from others mistakes. thats all, So if your gonna be an ass and run your mouth then keep it to your self. No one and I mean no one, wants to hear your crappy ass opion any way.


You should start lifting weights. You'll see more progress than if you were just to do push ups and pull ups.


I think something that might help you is drinking more water. Buy a nice 34oz metal water bottle and drink at least half of it every throughout every waking hour. Assuming a 16 hour day, you will have drank 2 gallons by the time you go to sleep. When I started drinking a lot more water, I noticed that my energy levels and my overall sense of well-being greatly improved. Having more (and more consistent) energy levels and improved well-being goes a long way in helping you reach your goals. Do not ignore this advice; it is simple, it works, and you can start today.

Step two is joining a gym and showing up at least three days a week (in the meantime, try some loaded carries with whatever you can find).

Lastly, instead of looking for advice on the forums (where 99% of the responses are going to be like the first couple you got), you would be much better off just reading a lot of the articles on this site. Instead of reading about a bunch of shitty fat-loss programs, read the articles about lifting. Over the next couple of years learn to lift; keep reading and tweak things to fit your goals as you go. It is as simple a read, do, adjust.

Hope this helps, good luck


whats your deal man? every time i read your posts i cant help but think this guy better be fuckin big...
quit being a dick.

throw up a picture? what are YOUR stats? maybe its you that is lazy and undisciplined.


Sorry about that misunderstanding. "I just started a new not so strict diet, I'm doing about 2200 cals a day and doing the snacks inbetween." sounds a lot like you were eating 2200 cals a day plus snacks.


No thanks


Give us some more detail on your diet. How much fat/protein/carbs are you eating, around what time are you eating them, etc. How structured is your workout plan? Are you improving the amounts of pushups/pullups everytime you workout?


Get a barbell set/join a gym.

Read some Beradi articles on this site.

Do some sprints/HIIT a few times a week.