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Started a Cycle, Now Injured


A friend of mine recently injured his finger in a weight lifting incident and can only perform pushing movements as a result of the stitches. Just before the accident he began 500mg of test cyp per week.. Basically I couldnt really advise him but he wanted to know if it was worth just working chest tris and shoulders and legs during his cycle or if he should save his test for when hes 100%. he probably cant pull for a good 2-3 weeks.


You should always do push and pull exercises. Not doing so can cause injury, which is an even greater risk on steroids.


Are wrist straps or hooks a possibility?

I ask, you said that the injury occurred in the area of the phalanges (fingers) rather than the metacarpals (which end in the knuckles, making up a large part of the upper palm).

Such an injury would allow for pressing exercises, as well as straight arm pull downs (activating the lats) and pulling movements with the use of straps or (if articulation of the finger is not possible) the cautious use of hooks.

Unless there is some damage to the area of the metacarpals or lower on the hand, I cannot imagine that this would not be an option, especially with lighter weights.

That being said, I do not see this as a major reason to discontinue the cycle.


you could do the smolov base cycle until his finger heals


AAS are used clinically to prevent muscle wasting. What better time to prevent muscle wasting, then when injured and unable to train fully.


The injury is the tip of the middle finger. It appears to be healing well and there is a red crust of blood forming over the wound. (Its a cut that went down to the bone and crushed the finger nail. No damage to the bones. The finger is swollen)

Straps didn't work, told me he tried barbell rows and felt too much pressure and the cut opened a bit. He stopped the cycle and plans on continuing on Monday if he can do stuff with the finger.

Im thinking new-skin + gauze + tape on the finger for a week until it heals?