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Started a Cycle. Need Your Valuable Inputs

Hello everyone.
I’d like some advice on this cycle.

Test Blend 400mg/week
Boldenon 400mg/week
Andadrol 50mg everyday for 30 days

Edit: the blend consists of
Test Decanoate 100mg
Test Cyp 100mg
Test Isocaproate 100mg and
Test Phenylpropionate 100mg

I have AI in hand. And for PCT I’d be using HCG, Clomid, and Anastra.

I’m planning to do this cycle for 8-10 weeks. Depending on the results. Trying to bulk up, gain some lean muscle mass.

Weight: 157~lbs
BF: 13%~

Previous cycle history:
Test Cyp 500mg/week only for 12 weeks. (Cycle was done almost one and a half year ago.)

Any help would be appreciated. If ever I’m missing any other information. Please feel free to ask me. Kindly do not trash me I’m just here to gain some knowledge, I’m a silent observer since quite a long time. Finally decided to post.


Whats in your test blend? I’m not a fan of the blends, prefer just going with a predictable long or short ester. Bold is a little low on dose but I think that’s fine, its still the minimal effective dose from what I’ve read however you need to run it more like 12-15 weeks to yield results.

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Thank you for replying, I can always extend the cycle after 10 weeks. Just wanted to keep it short and simple. I chose blend because it was easily available to me. And was authentic too.

Sorry, I forgot to mention the blend

It’s Test Decanoate 100mg
Test Cyp 100mg
Test Isocaproate 100mg and
Test Phenylpropionate 100mg

After your first cycle did toy get blood test? And before it? How are your current blood results. You should get them checked

Sorry but I don’t like anything about this approach. I hate the blend especially the decanote with a shorter cycle. You should probably drop the bold and this blend and go for test prop with the anadrol.


I will second the idea of dropping the bold unless you’re willing to run it out further. Given that you have this particular blend you could stop the test and bold at week 10 and still not be ready for pct until week 14. That’s a long time to wait, but you’re sort of stuck now.

What’s your pct look like? You listed three drugs, two of which should not be used during pct, so I’m curious as to how you’re planning on using them.

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Alright. After reading all your feedbacks I’m thinking to take a step down. Maybe try to find a genuine source for Test Cyp and post here again. This is why I love this place. You guys rock!

This cycle was suggested to me by a ‘coach’ whom I cannot trust blindly. That was the reason I made this thread to get suggestions from experienced users here. Thanx a ton guys.

Hello, yes, I did get blood works done. Pre and post PCT. Test and E2 levels were on baseline.

I didn’t get TT, FT this time. Only did LFT, Thyroid, CBC & Cholesterol, which again were all normal.

Thanks for replying Man. I’m a big fan of your replies. I’ve seen you here since almost forever! fan moment

I cannot get hands on Test Cyp or Enanthate. I feel that those oils are either from some shady underground place. I’ll be patient and first find genuine Test. Then think of jumping on another cycle. The only thing is I did spend on HCG, AI, Clomid. Which seems okay, as I can always use them.

Also, if you do not mind. What will you suggest Along with Test Cyp?

Sorry if I’m being a noob here.

Let me guess…this ‘coach’ is also the guy supplying the gear right?

Hahaha exactly!!

Lots of clean food, heavy weights, and a good night’s sleep.

You do that along with test and you’ll be amazed by your results.


Thanx man. Appreciate a lot