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Started 6 Weeks Ago

47 years old, constant fatigue, memory loss, feeling weak all the time, second test has me in the 330 range, started and got my second test, coming in at 820. Every aspect improving. Noticed some testicle shrinkage but nothing crazy. All blood work comes in within range now. The end of week before shot crash’s are a little harsh, was thinking doing a twice a week shot and split the dosage. Thoughts?

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I know there’s lot of guys on here who split the dosage up. One of my bosses at work does it too and swears by it.

That’s exactly why you split dosages to get rid of the crash. It’ll also help in managing any estrogen in the long run. You will get rid of that end of week crash nonsense.

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On .5 mL now to get into the 800 mark, morning erections are back, less brain fog and actually don’t minded getting off the couch. Still a ways to go. Probably go back to working out again. Hit such a low didn’t want to do anything or be around anybody.

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Welcome back to the living idaho, If your ball start aching too much look into HCG. 800iu/wk will stop most of the atrophy and your boys will be swinging freely with no pain. If your doc won’t prescribe it you can get it from the internet. Good luck

You can get away with less like 200iu . It works … I had another guy tell me he took 200iu twice a week and had kids 2 times by that.