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Started 5/3/1 Beginners, Need Advice

last week i started doing full body (was going 3 days a week but hitting muscle once weekly and got bored) and the three workouts i did were total nightmare (got the program from fitness subreddit called 5/3/1 beginners). even with 7 hours of sleep i was so damn fatigue that i could not do anything after the gym. i had brain fog. i started with low weight squats and in the AMRAP set i did 13 reps but after that i was dead and that was just the third set i did when i started.

this week even with 6-7 hours of sleep i felt exhausted heck not even wanting to live. today after two days of not working out i had a 8 hour sleep and i feel a bit more rested and energized

this week i gained 1 pound since im bulking at 2500 cals daily.

two things, im not sure if i should continue the program because of the volume? after three sets of low weight squat i was already passing out and the week was a nightmare.

what do you guys recommend?

diet is high carb (300 ish) high fat 80 ish and protein 152

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