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Started 2 Months Ago, Happy So Far

And gained 10 kg, increased 5 inches in chest, and almost 2 inches in biceps. Didn’t measure anything else when i started because I was a douche, but those stats does make me quite happy, I am aware that it’s probaly just “newbi” gains.

But still a hapy camper! :slight_smile:

Congrats, 2 inches in biceps is huge for 2 months even for a “newbi”, keep at er!

So what does your routine/diet look like?

How much have your lifts increased?

How damn cold is it in Denmark right now? :slight_smile:

Ey Ey

My routines are pretty “meh” tbh… I train with my friend, who tends to be very “afraid” of trying new methods.

But a normal bench day, prob looks something like:

Bench press
3 sets
1 set 8 reps
2 set 6 reps
3 set 3-4 reps

I also try to do some DB BP for stability, which I had issues with in the start.
Also got some isolation exercises(machines) I actually hate them, but it seems they have helped me some,I started of only being able to do 6-8 reps, and about the 30-40kg mark, now im up at 75-80kgish. (It only goes to 100kg)

Various cable exercises as well. As the noob I am, I don’t really know the names:).

My biceps is cable, 1handed bar curls, and stuff like that, i try to keep at a 3x8 routine with these exercises.

Yes I know, this seems half assed, but, experienced kinda big improvements, in 2 months, so havn’t gotten “the push” I may need for proper training.

My diet, is unserious, I just try to eat as much as possible(Not junk food and stuff like that ofc), but I eat whenever I’m hungry. Yup, I know a pattern is developing.I’m friggin unserious. But, after i gained these 10kg, I’m suddently having a hard time gaining again, apparently I need to eat ALOT more than what humanly possible.

So yeah, unserious and stupid, sums up my training/bulking period, but as long as it works. (And no, doesn’t seem like I’ve gained alot of fat, my abs are actually as visible if not more than they were in the start.

Hmm,I did type quite alot, considering what a trash post it is haha :smiley:

Bout the weather. I hate it. I’m noy supposed to live in a boring, cold and dark like this, I don’t even care much for snow… Kinda cold…

Oh no… please don’t say you only do chest and biceps…

i hate to say it bro,

10kg in 1 month is like gaining over 20 lbs in a month. Either you were really skinny and underweight before you started or you are gaining quite a bit of fat as well.

Unless you are on roids,given what you eat and how heavy you lift, it is just hard to believe you gained 20 lbs of muscle alone in 1 month.

Even though you are in bulking phase, balance your meals. eat your carbs, increase protein, and balance out your fats (eat healthy non saturated fats). Eat frequently and lift heavy weights and work hard.

Haha no, I’m not only doing biceps and chest, but i initiated my post with my arm/chest results. Hence I only showed my “routine” for them. I do leg,back,shoulder, stomach, and triceps as well ofc.

Bout my gain of 20lbs. Well, Yea, I’m 200cm tall, I started out at 70kg, and now im at 80kg. 70kg IS underweight for my height:) And ofc there has been some fat gain, but not much, I’m not able to grap more fat than usual.
Wish i bothered to measure my fat % when i started though. Besides it’s been 2 month, not 1.