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Start Sustaplex Right Now?

i am in test C cycle right now that was all fucked up from getting sever respiratory infection 3 weeks in-

i picked up where i left off and have had two weeks where i went * days. yes i know thats fucked but it happened.

now the test C was vetrinary…

now i have hook up for sustaplex, with halogram and batch # whole deal-

my question is #1 should i start to take the sustaplex right now ASAP and forget about the cyp i have been taking?

or should i do a PCT now and wait to do sustaplex?
need to also know what i need to have take with the ustaplex? D-bol i was told is best?

test C- is at @%) wk first cycle to test waters?

what do i use for a pct? can u use something legal that would work or do i have to look into somthing illegal?

please anyone with real experience- like that JJ dude or other pro"s please let me know what your opinions are?

i would like to put on lean muscle, i stay at 180 lbs almost no matter what, and still stay very lean…

most important is what to do now-start sustaplex right out with D-bol or stay with vet grade test C? snd what should i have on hand for PCT?

thankyou so much any advice is really helpful-
and yes i know i fuct up with this test C i wasnt sure how to handle?