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Start Program or Fix Flexability


Hi I am just returning back from shoulder rehab (full recovery) and the program I am about to start calls for deads and squats, which were no problem before but now I am extremely tight in many of my muscles which is limiting my range of motion.

I can no longer do my ATG squats and deads don't feel right. My question is should i start the program using the incomplete range of motion or should i focus on becoming flexible before I start up the program?




If you can't comfortably get into a range of motion then adding several hundred lbs to that stretch likely isn't in your best interest. Can you do other exercises or all most impaired in some form?


Take a week or so and do thirty minutes of stretching on the areas that seem tight. It may set you back a little, but not as far as it would if you were to tear one of them. When you're starting just take it light and see how it feels.


Fix the flexibility first.


yeah def worry about repairing wat youve injured before you further hurt yoursself, I had shoulder problems, (15 dislocations on the right, in 3 years.) then finally I had to have surgery. So from my personal experience I would say fix it before you worry about anything else.


I'm also coming off of a shoulder injury. I would recommend stretching combined with specific shoulder strengthening exercises and LIGHT versions of these exercises you are looking at performing in the long term. Just stretching for a week and then going and deadlifting 400 lbs is not going to be any better for your shoulder than just deadlifting the 400 lbs.

On the other hand, stretching and strengthening (in my case, external rotation specifically) and deadlifting 150 or 200 lbs and gradually working your way up to 400 lbs would be a much better plan. Even if the 200 lbs feels light to you, remember that it's all about making sure that shoulder doesn't bust again.

Good luck!


Do the squats and deads every day. With light enough weight not to injure anything. The more you do it the more your body will adapt. Once you have a complete range you can lower the frequency and concentrate on strength if thats your choice.