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Start of Something New

hi everyone,

I thought id be cliche and use the start of a new year to take my training to a new level.

I am currently 6ft 1 with around 15% bodyfat (estimate)
Over the course of the next year i hope to maintain and perhaps increase my lean mass while reducing bodyfat to below 10%. By the 1st of january next year i hope to be a lean 13st (i am currently around 14st)

Ive been training for a while with varying levels of commitment. Currently i am embarking on a 12 week program consisting of several 8 day cycles. Each cycle is a pattern of 2 days on, 1 day off. During the cycle use the follwing split

day 1: Chest and biceps
day 2: Legs 1
day 3: active recovery
day 4: back
day 5: sholders, traps and triceps
day 6: total rest
day 7: Legs 2
day 8: Power circuit
-repeat cycle-

i interchange the weight used in the cycle. In odd numbered weeks i do 3-4 sets of each exercise with 10-12 reps. In even numbered weeks i increase the weight and do 6-8 reps with 4-5 sets. My legs lag behind the rest of my body so i train them twice a week, the first session is thibs skinny leg cure workout and the second is a heavier session. In the power circuit i try and keep heart rate elevated and use only compound movements; each week i will pick four or five movements. abs are trained every other day in the morning before half an hour of cardio.

Regarding nutrition. i use a macronutrient cycle consuming carbs either in the morning or post workout apart from on leg days when i include an additional portion of starchy carbs. On other days when i train i eat carbs generally after activity keeping protein and fat high throughout the day.

On my steady state recovery day i attempt to cut carbs further to shock my metabolism. Generally i try and eat every 2 hours and include 2 macronutrients in each meal, i will also include some water or a coffee with each meal.

Supplements. I am currently using creatine before and after training, whey protein throughout the day, a post workout formula after training, glutamine, tribulus, omega 3, multivitamins, BCAA, ZMA

Cardio: In order to cut fat while trying to maintain muscle i will conduct a minimum of one cardio session per day other then my total rest day. Each day i will do a half hour run or cycle either supplemented by fish oil, BCAA or whey. I will then conduct a further 30 minute cardio session after training, this will commonly be rowing or cycling.

The program restarts tommorow, i will post again tommorow evening


Ok, ive had a week of a severe stomach upset as a result training and nutrition have taken a backseat. I did complete and record two training sessions before i took ill but i want to start and maintain a constant thread of records. I returmn to uni on thursday and plan to get really into the sing of things before then.

Training and diet resumes tommorow as of where i left off (session 3). My mini plan for the next couple of days looks like this.
Monday: heavy back session (morning and PW cardio)
Tuesday: Sholders, traps, triceps session (morning and PW cardio
Wednesday: Legs 2 session
Thursday: active recovery (if do go to the gym do p.c)
Friday: Return to Chest and biceps, excluding power circuit

Diet will most likely by subject to several setbacks due to the lack of proper nutrition at home, this will resume to only clean food on thursday.

I will write again tommorow night hopefully after completing morning run, a gym session and a post workout cardio session.

day 1

Chest and biceps

Bench Press: 90kgx8, 90x6(spot on 7 and 8), 87.5 x 6(spot on 7 and 8) 100x5(negative motion)
Barbell curl: 8x4 (45,40,40,40)

Incline dumbell press: 32kg 8x3
Incline curl: 18kg 8x3

Flye: 20kg 8x3
Rope curl: 50kg 8x3

Pullover 2x12 (34kg)

Finishing the workout with high rep cable crossovers and cable curls to encourage blood and nutrient flow to the worked muscle groups

Day 2
Leg Day: attempeted a unilateral based leg workout from Ian King, i am looking to change this, any opions would be much appreciated

Glute activating stretch routine (found in Glute training for dudes)

Leg extensions, Leg curls (done unilaterally) both done using a 1-1/3 protocol on a weight which induced failure after 12 reps

Partial squats on a bench (10 second pause at bottom of motion every 10 reps)

Bulgarian squats

Ski squats, 5 increments of 20 seconds

single leg hack squats

single leg leg press 10-12 reps

Squats (8seconds down/4seconds up