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Start of Gyno on HGH and Low Dose Test

Hi All,

I’ve been on TRT for awhile now with a few cycles under my belt. Predominantly test based cycles. I have not had gyno before.

Whilst on TRT I do not run an AI, the highest TRT dose I have been on is 250 a week. For the past year I’ve been on 150 a week with 250 HCG twice a week.

I wanted to give low dose HGH a try. I’ve been on 3iu’s 95% pure (so nothing hectic) for about 4 months and all of a sudden, GYNO.

What I’ve found online is that getting Gyno whilst on HGH and test does not seem common, however, its not entirely uncommon either, but attribution is difficult.

Because of covid-19 I can’t get my bloods done, so I can’t tell if my e2 is out of whack or if it may be prolactin/progesterone. At this point I’m flying blind.

I have letro, adex, nolva and clomid on hand.

I’m seeing mixed opinions on which is the best to take to stop the spread of my developing Gyno.

My current plan was to drop the HGH and my HCG for 2 weeks whilst staying on my usual TRT dose but start taking 1mg adex twice a week for the next two weeks and see what impact this has on the Gyno.


First I wouldn’t blast the AI like that, try the Nolva 20mg daily.

Second, HCG stimulates LH receptors in the breast & can cause growth. HGH —> IGF-1 which also causes tissue growth. Add in maybe elevated e2 and that’s a solid recipe for gyno.

I’d drop the HCG entirely and go to 1iu HGH, see if that helps. If not, start the Nolva.

My 2 cents

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