Start of Experiment: Estradiol Valerate

Gonna continue primo for this cycle of 16 weeks, primo test, that is. After that back to cruise 350.

I might add e2 pills again to this current cycle to see if it comes back, but to be completely honest it feels good not being utterly obsessed by sex and consumed by erotic thoughts 24/7 that e2 with 350 test gave me.

I dont stress it too much, most likely it will be fine once i go back to cruise with e2 again.

Funny tho how primo, mast etc just fucks my libido up.

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Hey Rob when you were on e2 what dose did you settle on before stopping? 2mg/day?

Is anyone trying the E2 experiment with TRT level testosterone alone? Like under 150mg test/week?

2mg a day mate

You’ve seen my posts on the other Estradiol thread but just to cross-post, I’ve been doing 2mg Estradiol daily for over a month after first trying 1mg daily.

120mg/wk TRT, split into two doses.

Libido much improved. Sensitivity much improved. Orgasm dullness completely abated. Boner quality somewhat improved.

No observable sides, although I’m fairly high SHBG and don’t aromatize much. At 1mg/daily estradiol my E2 had bumped from ~35 to ~45 with ~1300 TT so still below 20:1 T:E2 ratio.

New bloods coming up in the next week to see where 2mg daily estradiol bumps my E2 to.


How does your progesterone and DHT look ?

There u go, another sucess story.

E2 for the win!

I’d like to report my trial with combination birth control pills .
It took almost 2 weeks for my SHBG to move from 15 to 22.
Symptoms have improved but can’t say I am completely fine esp on EQ .
Thanks @Robroy

continue, or increase e2 till eq is 100% fine, trust me, it will be.

I was feeling the same . I was thinking about increasing it , but I am documenting progress with blood reports (esp on shbg) every 2 weeks. Also since I am on trt dose of 100 mg test e ( taken twice per week) and 1000iu hcg eod, I was bit concerned of creating hypoandrogenic state

Haven’t ever tested DHT and haven’t tested progesterone since last November (only time I’ve ever tested). Came back at 0.2 then.

Probably won’t test unless I start feeling worse or get confounding symptoms (to be clear too - I’m taking straight estradiol not a birth control mix that has progesterins).

Are you not able to find or have estradiol prescribed? Manipulation of the primary sex hormones is hard enough without introducing secondary hormones into the mix also.

I can get my hands on estardiol valerate without a problem. But when I take e2V , I get severe headaches. This is probably because I have almost no progesterone.
Upon taking BC pill( combination of estro n progestin) , I feel way better . I think because you need some progesterone in your body to counter estrogen .
Btw do you take hcg ? If yes, what dose ?

Is that any good, cialis just fucks up my libido and makes me feel shit srs

Increased ( doubled)

Yeah same here. Just found some of that stuff interesting, including the E2 lowering. Now a days I have very good like with viagra as needed.

Long term cialis does give me dry skin, achy joints and cramps, brain fog, dried cracked lips.

@Robroy When u said u upped ur dose to 3 mg from 2 mg, did you feel dull initially ?
Do I have to wait another 2 weeks for benefits of increased dose to realize ?

I felt nostalgic! And tired, if i remember correctly.

It seems to take a couple of days to stabilze yes.

I also got headache on more than 2mg.

I’ve been tentatively debating trying this.

I checked online… mainly my PDE5 go-to, ADC. I didn’t see they carried E2v.

Any other ideas?

Are you also rumning hcg alongside ? If yes, what dose ?