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Start Now, Later, or Never?


First off, I wasn't sure where to post this, so I did it here. I'm looking for advice from people who are experienced with weightlifting and also with gear. I'm 31 yrs old and in good overall health, clean diet, etc., but I have naturally low test levels (average 400 ng/dl and very low free test levels)

My question is: will I ever be able to make serious strength/mass gains (over a long period of time of course, years not months) having low end test levels? My test has always been this low and even lower when I was on SSRIs in my mid twenties. I've been reading a lot on this site and know I should wait to max out and go natural as long as I can before juicing, but what's the point if I won't be able to gain in first place because of my hormone levels.

Thanks in advance


Where are you at now? lift wise? pictures?


If your test level right now is 400 and you decide to go on, you might as well stay on forever. You will probably have to. Make sure you are okay with that decision before you pull back on the plunger.


first of all find decent doctor. secondly, there are plenty of ways too boost natural test production. i increased mine from 300-600 only with diet and basic supplement changes

if you want to cycle, do it intelligently. i dont think if your test is at 400 we can really draw conclusions saying you'll never be able to come off... we dont even know the range for that figure


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Internetwarlord: I was thinking that too. With those levels, I think I'm a borderline case for TRT. I'm just not crazy about having my nuts shrink and not sure if hcg long term, like 5+ years, is still going to keep them running good enough to have kids down the line. Not to mention the fact if I can get a doc to prescribe it to me.

Luxralot: 300 to 600 is amazing! What kind of supplements did you take?

BBB: What are GHRPs? I have never heard of them before.

I am going to have some blood work done soon, so I'll have a clearer picture soon


well diet is the biggest issue... what is yours?

look up the "mountain dog diet" and here is a thread on it http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/mountain_dog_diet_thread

in addition to that, i would try to cut out as much dairy and wheat from your diet as you could

supplements for test... ZINC (for the first week take 90-100mg per day then take a maintenance dose of 30-50mg per day), magnesium(200-400mg), vitamin D(6000 IU's is a good place to start with a fatty meal), a good multi vitamin, Vit B complex, and Alpha Male by Biotest if you have the cash... a little pricey

ghrp's are growth hormone releasing peptides and are very good over all well being.


and try to get good, deep sleep.

how is your thyroid? low test can be a symtom of hypothyroidism

edit: if it were me in this situation, i would buy some nolva although its really only a temporary solution