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Start/Not Start TRT - Help me out!


-good amount of body hair, facial hair is minimal
-Fat carried around hips, legs & chest
-/will post once received
-diet; high protein, medium carb & fat. now switching to high fat high protein low carb.
-Pressups/Situps/Pullups/Jump Rope 3x per week
-Never ache.
-hardly ever/never morning wood


Hey all,

I am hoping you people can help me out here. Much like the stickies describe I feel that I have been a passive patient for much to long and it is time that I take my own health into my own hands.

About a year ago I was diagnosed with a macro-prolactinoma with levels of prolactin around 60,000 (I am in the UK so not 100% about unit conversion) - but they were ridiculously high.

I was prescribed Cabergoline which I am currently still taking and my prolactin levels are now around the 300-400 range which is much lower, the non benign tumour has also shrunk in size.

I felt that the introduction regarding the tumour was required because many threads I've looked at there are always questions on why there seems to be a hormone issue, in my case I think the prolactinoma was and still is the issue of my hormones.

Regular checkups have occured with my GP regarding my condiiton, my latest which showed my testosterone being low or in the words... "pretty low... What we can do is give you T gel to speed things up a bit".

So I thought yup thats fine, an Endo knows what he is doing.

Now being pretty serious stuff, I thought I would start some personal research and have a browse through multiple forums and see what I can gather from being started on TRT. My first alarm bell was that it isn't a trial - once you're on TRT you are on it for life. Why did my Endo say it as if I could come off it within a few months?

My other concern is regarding fertility and testicles shrinking/rising and the need to take HCG to prevent this (im not 100% but this is what I've been picking up).

Now, to me it seems quite bad that my endo hasn't told me NONE of this before beginning TRT... what was the plan? To tell me after I started I could never stop and I may need HCG to stop my balls shrinking and rising? I find that completley out of order, and to prevent being in that situation I have taken a halt on it all and hope that you people can help me out.

I may have got some things wrong, so please clear up any misunderstandings that I may have however I don't think I am far wrong so I want to prevent from my life essentially being ruined by an Endo - [which I already had my life ruined because a doc failed to pick up high prolactin which resulted in a macroprolactinoma after I raised a flag 5 years early which could have easily prevented it -- but thats another story... I just dont want to be experimented with.]

My endo has requested the following blood test before I 'start' TRT:
LH, FSH & Testosterone

What concerns me is that I have no request for E2 -- is this because low T = low E2?

I will post my blood results when I get them (I've requested them). As you can see I am quite concerned with taking TRT and would like to know the advice given from you as a forum as to what the best for me would be - I see you are very good after all the threads that I've read and hope you can help contribute to mine and help me out.

I do have some results which are about 5 months old, which may in the meantime help you gauge where I am exactly? Of course they could have changed a bit since then but they may be of use -- let me know if they could give an idea on the 'picture' and I can post them.

So I guess I just need your thoughts on TRT for my situation, what you think etc. I almost forgot, the prescription states 40mg daily {280mg per week} of the gel. Not sure if thats low, normal or a high dosage...


10% absorption of gel is good, if absorbed at all. A replacement dose needs to deliver around 7mg per day. Your dose will likely have middling results.

Also check thyroid status: TSH, fT4, fT3
You can see something about your thyroid status by checking waking body temp and a few times during the day, record and report. Also report C, and F.

If you have thyroid problems, we would expect that you would be a poor or non absorber of transdermal T.


Thx for the reply KSman.

Anyone got any input regarding my situation as a whole? Pretty confused at what is the best at the moment....


You need to identify what is the cause of this before jumping into HRT. That i would say is bottom line. There is not emough information here to even know where to begin. Please refernce the stickies to what proper blood work needs to be done before commencing on HRT.