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Start Nolva Now?

im in week 3 now of my cycle (1/2cc eod sus 250) and my nipples more so my right is very sensitive and becomes slightly sore from time to time. its weird though because it can be like that for an hour or two and go away, there is no flare up but i was wondering if i should take some nolva for the next few days to possibly avoid more serious effects in the near future…and for those who have read my previous posts about only running 8 weeks i decided to go 10

It sounds as though the are only midly oversensetive. Are you currently running an AI?

I personally wouldnt worry about it at this point in time. However a day of 20mg followed by a few of 10 sure woudlnt hurt.

Other peoples opinions may differ though.

i am not running an AI. i had asked before i started the cycle if i should and a few people had said that at the dose i am running it should be fine without but i think im going to take your advice, a friend who is cycling with me reported the same symptoms and took 20mgs for 4 days hes fine, thanks