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Start New Cycle Instead of Coming Off w/ PCT

On November 19 I started a 14 week cycle of 500mg a week of Test-E. The plan was to run the Test-E weeks 1-14, hCG weeks 2.5 to 16.5, and Nolva weeks 17-20. Around week 4 or 5 I switched to 750mg a week of Test (mixing between Test-E and a Prop/Cyp blend), with 5 weeks of Dbol (25mg a day for 2 weeks, 50mg a day for 3 weeks). The Dbol ended last week, and I have about 6 injections of Test left before I was scheduled to stop (Feb 28).

When the PCT for this cycle ended, I was going to run Clen and cut for a while, then as soon as possible (~mid June) start a Test/Tren/EQ cycle with Dbol kickstart and run it for another 14 weeks. Numerous people have pointed out to me how stupid this is. Once your natural Test production is suppressed, it’s suppressed.

Why bother doing PCT to bring it back up, only to shut it down once again just a few weeks after? If I just transition from the end of this cycle right into the next 14 weeks, I’ll only have to do PCT once (mid July if my math is right) and I won’t have to wait inbetween cycles.

Since I’m missing out on some much needed cutting between cycles, I’ve come up with this timeline.

Feb 28th - final injection from current “cycle” (end of week 14), estimated weight at that time: 230-235

March 5- start Test/Tren/EQ (beginning of week 15)

Continue huge caloric surplus with Test/Tren/EQ up through mid to late May, estimated weight at that time: 240-245

Add Winstrol to Test/Tren/EQ, ridiculous calorie restricted formula begins (explained below), 2 weeks on Clen, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on, injections end July 8, PCT begins July 22, PCT ends August 22, goal weight for this time period: 235 pounds 13-14% bf

The cutting protocol would be 1.5g protein per bodyweight, 35g fat, 100 g carbs (all post workout), and NOTHING ELSE. This would be like 2100 calories a day, which sounds extreme, but at that point I won’t be able to stand the fat anymore and will want to cut it for summer anyway. Test/Tren/EQ maintaining the muscle on such a severe deficit with Winstrol/Clen to aid the cut, I’m guessing this will be painful but yield good results.

So aside from grappling with the decision to not end my current cycle and just jump right into a next one, I’m also working out in my mind how the next cycle will look, if it’s “safe,” and so on. I’ll be continuing hCG of course, but it feels like there are other things I should be taking into account for this “harsher” new cycle.

Extending it isn’t what gives me pause (cuz really starting natural production back up once instead of twice sounds nice), it’s just nailing down the details of this newer cycle. I’ll have Adex on hand as well, but I haven’t touched it once this cycle and I won’t be using it preemptively next cycle either.

So assuming the timeline I’ve mapped out is a good idea, dosage suggestions? Some of the horror stories about Tren-E give me a bit of anxiety, but then I remember the horror stories I read about steroids in general before starting the cycle I’m on now. I really think a lot of shit is just overstated for drama, or people who were already a bit mentally unbalanced become even more so while on steroids. So the sides really aren’t scaring me too much, aside from hairloss. I’d like to believe Nizoral can do something about that.

I’ve also done a lot of reading about Tren that suggests a lower dose of Test with a moderate dose of Tren is a) still very effective, b) less sides, c) recommended. I guess I’d just like to take the most greedy dose of Tren possible - as in, a dose that is big enough to still get the powerful effects while at the same time being small enough to minimize the chance of the harsher side effects.

tl;dr - does this look reasonable enough?

Nov 9th through Feb 28 - Test cycle (500-750mg a week with some Dbol in the middle) and hCG, huge caloric surplus

March through May - Test/Tren-E/EQ cycle (undecided doses) and hCG, huge caloric surplus

June through July - Test/Tren-E/EQ continued, hCG continued, Winstrol added, Clen added, huge caloric deficit

July - August - PCT

If that looks nice, then I guess all I need to do is figure out my dosages (prefer Tren-E so that I can mix them all and pin twice a week, same as my current schedule), continue eating big, and just fiddle with my lifting routine whenever my progress stalls.

This is a lot to think about, so I might be rambling here, but that’s where my mind is at right now and I’d love any input.