Start Menu and Desktop Disappears

My start menu and desktop have disappeared. It appears for around 10 seconds when I boot my pc but then disappears again.

I can get to applications via the task manager.

Can any pc-literate people help me out here?

Possible virus?

Try this:

You could have a look at exactly what’s running in your task manager, though it probably won’t mean a lot to you if you don’t know what you are looking at/for. How about a screenshot of your task manager (running processes) if the virus scan doesn’t find anything?

A screen shot of all running processes would be great.

You can also opening Task Manager, go to File > New Task (Run…) > and type in “explorer.exe” and see if your desktop/taskbar comes back.

It sounds like your shell is crashing. Explorer is the “shell”, or desktop interface, for Windows.

The above advice should work. Unless it crashes again.

You may have to reinstall Windows.

If that doesn’t work he should just be able to do a repair.