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Start Cycle with Sust and Finish with Test E?

I was about to order for my first cycle and was wondering if it is possible to start with a bottle of sust and finish with a bottle of test e.

That way I would have to wait less time for the test to kick in and would have the benefit of the test e having a less complicated PCT.
Sust is also a little cheaper and 325mg/ml instead of 250.

I know that sust is supposed to be injected more frequently but have also heard that 2x a week will suffice.
Any thoughts?

It seems like a pretty good idea to me but I’ve never cycled before. I was also going to close out my cycle with some anavar.

If that is the only option, then yes, it will work.

It is easier to use just test E though.

Inject sust EOD or dont use it. Pretty simple.

you could front load test e for quicker test effects, eg 1000mg test e week 1 followed by 500mg week test e from week 2 on. or kick start the cycle with orals for 2-4 weeks.

Alright, I appreciate the advise.
I was thinking that I’d try both types, to see which type of test I liked the best, but I guess I’ll stick with Test E and kickstart it with anavar for first 2 weeks.
It would probably be better for me to inject less and have more stable blood levels since this is my first cycle.
Thanks, I’m glad I actually got some responses