Start Cutting Mid Test E Cycle?

So im on test E 250mg per week since 9 weeks now. (My first cylce) The cycle was planned to be about 17 weeks long. Since gyms are closed now i train in my basement. I have some dumbbells, chairs, a barbell (no bench tho) and do mostly calishtenics now. Up to this point i was eating in a surplus. My question is, since i cant train as hard as u used to (not as heavy, not all exercises like bench etc.) if starting eating in a slight deficite would be possible now. The test would prevent mayor catabolism and i would lose the fat that i wanna lose anyway ( about 17% bf) is this a valid approach? Or would i lose all the gains that i got in these 9 weeks on cycle?

Thanks in advance

Normally this would be a mortal sin, but given the circumstances it makes more sense to actually do this and just plan a bulk cycle further down the line.

Normally it wouldnt make sense because its better to focus on one thing per cycle right? Like do a bulking cycle, and afterwards a cuttings cycle.

Anyway, so do you really think i wont lose too much gains if i enter a caloric deficite right now? Im very carefull about that, dont wanna mess up the cycle you know. And how big can my deficite be to lose fat fast but keep the gains safe?

what exactly have you “gained” weight wise , strength etc. ??? At 250 test id say your gains are mostly muscle with little water, if you say you’ve gained 20lbs its gonna be hard to believe on 250 test a week. Also if this wasn’t trt before or after your always going to lose some gains so i agree with iron yuppie …its not a huge deal. If u ate completely clean you could prob get away with hardly any deficit at all , throw in some light/moderate walking at an incline 3-4 times a week and you’ll burn some fat between the cardio and test thats still building muscle.

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I started the cylce with about 163lbs, got to 184lbs after some time (i didnt put on much fat if any, mostly water and muslce weight i guess) then i fell ill and had to take 2 weeks off. Im at 176 lbs right now. I stsrted to ride my bike for a bit more than an hour every other day Additionally to me working out 5-6 times a week. I think my maintanance calories are about 2500. So you would say maintanance calories would be enough to brun fat AND build muslce in my situation? Or would a slight deficite be more effecitve?

so you put on 21 lbs in 9 weeks off 250 mgs test a week ?

When i started the cylce i was 74kg. Afterwards i was 84, yeah. Its probably way too much but im just saying what it is. Im not saying i got crazy huge. My arm went up 3.5 cm and my shoulders 16 cm. I thought this weight gain is normal due to water retention and such.